Some Cool CloudCast Features

April 13, 2012, 09:19 by dliu

The release of TelVue’s new CloudCast player includes some cool features that didn’t exist in the old PEG.TV version:  popups, embed code, and an Apple TV option.

When you mouse over the CloudCast player screen, you now see two icons on the top right corner.

Clicking on the top icon will launch a popup player, from which you can watch individual videos in their own independent screen.

Clicking on the lower icon will give you the embed code for that particular video.  This social feature makes it easier for people to help you publicize videos by embedding them in their own blogs or websites.

If a CloudCast customer wants to turn off the embed feature, this is done in the administrative interface.  Navigate over to the “Player” tab, scroll down to the “Publishing and Sharing” box, and uncheck the “Sharing Enabled” option.

The third feature — the Apple TV option — works with an Apple TV box, and allows you to fling your CloudCast video to a large-screen TV from an iPhone or iPad.  This short video shows you how:


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