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August 1, 2012, 13:48 by dliu

Vericorder's Len Clark demonstrates phone upload to TelVue Connect

You’ve asked us if you can upload content to TelVue® Connect™ from a phone.  We listened.  And now, you can.

Thanks to a new technical integration with Vericorder®, who makes an iPhone/iPad video recording and editing app, you can now shoot AND EDIT video on your iPhone, and then send it directly to your media library in TelVue Connect!

Vericorder representative Len Clark joined us in the TelVue booth at the National ACM conference yesterday to demonstrate.  Len brought a simple monopod iPhone mount with optional external microphone and a small but powerful battery-powered light on top of the mount.

This is how the mobile video workflow works:  using Vericorder’s Voddio app, Len shot a few videos at the ACM conference, added some graphics and lower thirds right from his iPhone, and “sent” these directly to TelVue Connect, from which they fed into the broadcast server that displayed on the large-screen TVs set up in the booth.  From start to finish, including editing time:  20 minutes at most.

Maui Community TV is using the Vericorder array as part of their mobile journalism curriculum:  a series of workshops for young citizen journalists.  Given the remoteness of parts of the Hawaiian geography, the ability to shoot and edit on the go, and then feed to your station from any cellphone connection is a real plus.

Geographical dispersion is just one of several good reasons to use TelVue Connect to aggregate content from far-flung contributors.  Another is the automatic transcoding of all that content to a broadcast-ready format, and scheduling tools that make a programmer’s life easier.

Having TelVue Connect now available as a destination for Vericorder’s Voddio app opens up the pool of potential content to a new generation of on-the-go, mobile-only video contributors.

Why do I call this “phone-to-phone”?  Because once those videos are in your programming or VoD lineup, you can take it through the TelVue® CloudCast service and deliver it right back to mobile devices as streaming video.

Ask us how.



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  1. Sunny Fridge says:

    I’m looking forward to having my multimedia reporting class at Jackson State University try this technology out later this month!

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