TelVue Connect 1.1 Update

August 2, 2012, 11:37 by rbrooks

TelVue Connect 1.1 has been deployed.

Compatible with TelVue Broadcast Server Version: 3.20.1+


  • iDevice Support (iPad, iPod, iPhone) – Uploads now possible from iOS 6 (coming this Fall).
  • Allow Pending items on schedule. Does not transfer to broadcast server unless it is Published / Approved.
  • Disallow Draft items on schedule.
  • One-time overrides for Series slots on schedule. One-time slot exclusions are created by clicking the “1” button on the Schedule’s Day view or on the “Exclude” button in the All view. One-Time slot exclusions can be reversed via the Series Edit page by clicking the “X” next to exclusion date(s), then clicking “Save”.
  • Transcoding – New Output Format: CableLabs SD 720×480 (BFF). See Connect’s Specs page for complete list.
  • Transcoding – Increase Dialnorm setting on AC-3 audio from -27 to -24.
  • Transcoding – Decrease the ITU-1770-1 normalize filter from -20 to -24, LKFS. -24 is the setting recommended in the CALM act.
  • Playlists feature now respects moderation rules.
  • Improvements to Distribution-Status page on Media.
  • CableLabs Metadata – Added Frame Rate and Codec to the CableLabs XML.
  • CableLabs Metadata – Admin can now configure “QA Provider Contact” (defaults to the Org Name if blank) under Organization Settings > Metadata.
  • CableLabs Metadata – Admin can now configure “Product” metadata field. It is found under Organization Settings > Metadata. The value can be MOD, FOD, or SVOD. (It defaults to MOD.)


  • Activity – Improved success rate of “Retry” button, especially after unexpected transcoding failures.
  • CableLabs Metadata – CableLabs “Display Runtime” was incorrectly 00:00 for medium under 1 minute. It now indicates 00:01.
  • CableLabs Metadata – Downloading CableLabs XML before Broadcast file was done displayed an error.
  • Channels – Channels with identical names caused errors.
  • Media – DVD Uploads were failing on very large VOBs. See “Known Issues” below.
  • Media – Very large uploads were failing in Firefox 12 with error, “EOFError (bad content body)”.
  • Media – Improved success rate and accuracy of metadata extraction from the video file upon upload.
  • Media – Containers with multiple video streams were failing to upload.
  • Media – Replacing a scheduled file in the Media tab didn’t create an entry in Activity tab
  • Media – Media Edit page was broken if Broadcast job was cancelled.
  • Media – Short Summary sometimes showing up as an email link.
  • Media Distribution – Status was sometimes indicating “Falied” despite the transfer succeeding.
  • Series – Episode Edit page was allowing a replacement video upload that violated Duration constraints on Series.
  • Series – Replacing an episode from its Edit page created two rows for Preview and Broadcast in Activities, and created an episode that was unlinked to the media.
  • User Management – When creating a user, the “Moderated” checkbox was not saving. Although, it was saving from the Edit page.

Known Issues

  • DVD Uploads – When uploading several VOB files from a DVD, they will initially seem like they aren’t transcoding for a period of time, but they actually are. This time will vary based on the size of your VOBs. 1 GB of VOBs will take 10 minutes or more. They will also have a blank [?] thumbnail. They are being stitched in the background. Just be patient. You will see transcoding progress on the Activity page eventually, and their thumbnail will appear.
  • “My Media” tab is slow – We’re aware of the issue and are working on it for the next Connect update. We recommend avoiding that tab for now. To see only your files in the “All Media” tab, type the first few characters of your username into the Search box.

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