The Connect Playlist Feature

August 30, 2012, 15:50 by dliu

There is a new feature in the latest release of TelVue® Connect™ that might help those who want to schedule repeating blocks of programming.

The Playlist Option is now available to TelVue Connect users.  It allows you to create and manage lists of videos, and then schedule these as a single block in your schedule.  More detailed instructions have been added to the TelVue Connect User Manual.




  1. Doug says:

    So, I’m wondering if this is entirely ‘cloud-based’ programming, or if this is a feature that can be made available to current owners / users of the Princeton series servers. Please?

  2. Donna Liu says:

    This is a feature that integrates well with Princeton series servers, but actually lives in the add-on cloud-based service known as “TelVue Connect”.

  3. Dan H. says:

    Will this work on the plain B100 Server? It would save us much time to be able to do it once and not have to wait and repeat each time.

  4. Kevin Reynen says:

    You can build your own version of the Connect playlist feature using the Playlist Builder, Airing Grid, and Telvue Drupal modules. Not as fancy as Telvue’s version and it doesn’t come w/ a 1-800 number, but it can be done.

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