v4 is the best CloudCast ever!

September 12, 2012, 14:06 by dliu

This embedded video is brought to you courtesy of the new TelVue CloudCast Player v4.  Embedding is just one of the significant new features to give our CloudCast customers quick access to social media outlets and better viewer data.

The TelVue® CloudCast™ Player v4 also includes:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration for easy sharing on social media platforms
  • Deep Google Analytics integration for better audience analysis
  • The ability to exclude the menu sidebar and expand the play area to the full width of the player
  • Enhanced playback stability and performance

The switchover to the TelVue® CloudCast™ Player v4 tomorrow should not impact your current workflow or player. Your branding, colors, playlists, links, chapters, metadata, and banner ads all remain intact.

Once your player has been switched over, you can take advantage of the Google Analytics offerings by entering your tracking code on your player configuration page. A more detailed explanation of this feature can be found on our website: http://www.telvue.com/telvue-cloudcast-google-analytics/

You can read a FAQ page about the switchover as well as more information on the Google Analytics event tracking by visiting this page: http://www.telvue.com/support/product-documentation/telvue-cloudcast-user-manual/


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