Cloud Services for LO/LA

September 17, 2012, 16:20 by dliu

On Thursday, Sep 27th at 2pm, TelVue’s Mark Myslinski will be presenting an NTCA Webcast on “Cloud Services for Transforming Local Origination and Leased Access”Preregistration is required.

Learn how cloud services can help you optimize local origination, community media and commercial services. Some of the benefits of using the cloud include:

  • Enlarging the pool of content contributors. Local and regional operators can use cloud services for content aggregation and trans-coding to quickly build a shareable pool of programming for local/hyper local channels.
  • New generation digital broadcast servers, when combined with cloud services, can facilitate cost-efficient and end-to-end provision able commercial long-form services, leading to new revenue.
  • Cloud Services can streamline post-production processes for trans-coding and package creation.
  • Cloud services turn physical media and metadata ingest into a self-service function by the contributors, resulting in efficient all-digital workflows for the operator.
  • Cloud services can create alternative formats for LVOD and OTT, or create avails with SCTE-35 markers for processing by existing digital ad insertion equipment.

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