Vote for Public Media Networking

October 11, 2012, 12:12 by dliu

If you think networking public TV is a good idea, vote for the session we have proposed for the upcoming Media Reform Conference in Denver, and help us bring the discussion to the table!  Conference organizers take the voting into account when making their final selections for the program.

It’s about how cloud technologies are empowering networking of video communities, and panelists will include: Jennifer Evans, who is spearheading an effort to network Connecticut access stations in really innovative ways; and someone, yet to be decided, representing the National Science Foundation’s nascent Knowledge Network.  Here is the official description of the session:

As the prevalence and power of cloud computing grows, it becomes a viable platform for the exchange of gigabyte-sized information in the form of professionally-produced broadcast-quality video. This kind of video has a strategic advantage that YouTube and other online video aggregators do not: an already-established network of community media organizations with the experience and the mission to train citizens to express themselves in video and broadcast it back to their own communities.

Hyperlocal TV operations are just beginning to realize the potential of collaborative programming in the cloud. This panel will look at some nascent Internet-based TV networks involving multiple program contributors, high production standards, curated content, and multiple avenues of distribution.

These projects leverage the resources of a new kind of TV content producer: people and organizations with expertise or passion in their field who were often bypassed by mainstream media in the past and have taken video production into their own hands.

Some of these networks, like the National Science Foundation’s Knowledge Network, are based on communities of interest (in this case, scientific research). Others, like proposed statewide TV networks for Connecticut and New Jersey, are based on geographical and civic commonality. Either way, cloud-based solutions have lowered the financial and technical barriers to building new IP-based TV networks for the dissemination of media that is truly in the public interest.


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