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October 27, 2012, 08:11 by dliu

TelVue Systems Engineer Chris Perry on an ACM West panel

The title of the panel was “Program Playback – The Latest Trends in Automation”, and holding forth on the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) was TelVue Systems Engineer Chris Perry.  The setting was the ACM West regional conference in Sacramento.

Like a rock star, Chris Perry then jetted back across the country to prepare for his next public appearance:  he will be leading a TelVue Users Group at the ACM NE Conference in Plymouth, MA, on Nov. 1. 

The discussion at ACM West took some interesting turns, for example, an exchange with another panelist  that Perry describes this way:  “They were of the opinion that online integration is second to the actual content creation, a major philosophical difference, as TelVue feels that content creation and integration are one and the same.” (Hence TelVue Connect.)

In his words:  “At some point everything will be a service as it just ends up making more sense to outsource certain things.  Outsourcing your streaming and VOD for example allows you to focus that time and energy on your mission of creating media.”  He added, “It’s doubtful that your mission statement includes a provision to own a building.  Thus: why would you own a building if it takes away from you running your organization and fulfilling your mission?”

So if anybody missed him on the West Coast, now’s your chance to come pepper Chris with questions.  Stop by the TelVue booth at the ACM NE Conference and let us know you’d like to come to the User Group.  That’s Thursday, Nov. 1, at 12noon.


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