Putting your TelVue Program Guide into a Google Calendar

November 7, 2012, 10:42 by dliu

Today’s shoutout goes to Emily Frazier of First Turn New Media, for taking a question from last week’s TelVue User Group at the ACM NE in Plymouth, and running with it.  The question was: how would you take the RSS feed from TelVue’s Electronic Program Guide and use it to populate a Google Calendar?  Here’s Emily’s solution:

1) Go to this site: http://www.textbox1.com/apps/rss-to-ical/ and put your RSS feed from TelVue in the box. Click ‘Convert’.
2) When it is done, a little text will appear below that box that says ‘Thank you! Here is your iCalendar feed.’ Right-click the link on that text and click ‘Copy Link Location’.
3) Go to Google Calendar and under “Other Calendars” and choose “Add by URL”

4) Paste the URL of the iCal feed into the “Add Feed” window that pops up.

Emily, thanks for sharing!



  1. Douglas Finn says:

    …intriguing, and useful. However, I don’t seem to be able to make it work… ?

  2. Amina Khan says:

    I followed the instructions to the letter, but was only able to import the source file names- a string of automatically generated numbers and letters- into the google calendar, not the program or episode titles… I can’t rename the source files in B 1000- Is there a way to populate the calendar with more meaningful metadata using this process?

  3. dliu says:

    This could be a version issue. See the api document here.

    Note that in 3.6.5 and earlier the “default” RSS feed style had the air date in the title field. That style is still supported in later versions but is considered deprecated. The docs try to explain that you can access either if you are on a version later than 3.6.5.

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