Making the Most of your CloudCast Playlists

April 12, 2013, 10:57 by dliu

The following CloudCast tip comes from Dan Silvia at ChelmsfordTV.  Thanks, Dan!:

I just wanted to let you know how Chelmsford has started using our CloudCast player. We have been running into an issue of how to help our producers promote their shows without creating a ton of extra work for our staff. The solution, we realized one day, was staring us in the face with the equipment and services we already had!

By reorganizing our CloudCast playlists from one-per-channel (organized by date uploaded) to a specific playlist for EACH recurring show, and a few catch-alls for special events that wouldn’t turn into recurring shows. After that, we created one page for each playlist and embedded only 1 playlist onto a page for every show!

Now our producers have their own links they can use to spread the word about their shows, and the viewing public can either scroll through the playlists on our homepage and discover new shows that way, or watch an entire series (or whatever we have uploaded of a series) after hearing about it from our producers!

So now going forward, with no more work than, “scroll to the show’s playlist instead of the channels,” we now have an auto-updating playlist of episodes for every producer to go and promote with ease! Our staff can continue to work with our volunteers to CREATE the shows they want to produce, and the producers can take it into their own hands to get the word out!

Here are a few examples: (also embedded on the school’s website)

None of this would be possible without TelVue’s amazing product line and services. I won’t even start about how much I love your support staff…we’ve had that conversation before.


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