CloudCast Enhancements

May 8, 2013, 11:36 by dliu

The TelVue® CloudCast™ video streaming service has become even more versatile, with the addition of Closed Captioning, Roku Analytics, and enhanced MRSS.

With captions uploaded, player displays on/off button

With captions uploaded, player displays on/off button

The latest release of CloudCast includes:

  • The ability to upload SRT and DFXP style Closed Captioning to each of your videos.  The CloudCast player will display a button to turn on/off the captions.

  • Roku Analytics – The same Google Analytics event tracking available in the web player is now available to custom Roku channels developed by TelVue. If you have an existing Roku channel with us, please contact TelVue to have this enabled.

  • Enhanced MRSS – The MRSS feed now includes more CloudCast-specific details about the video, as well as the RTMP and HTTP format for each video (if available). See the MRSS details page.

Plus, we’re happy to report that there is a new version of the media_cloudcast Drupal module, with great thanks to Drupal developer Emily Frazier! Frazier has posted about the new version of media_cloudcast Drupal module here:

Here is Emily’s screencast on how to use it. She says this will soon be included in the Community Media Starter Kit Moderate release.

Media Cloudcast 7-2x from Emily Frazier on Vimeo.


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