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July 5, 2013, 09:44 by dliu
NSF series: Finding Your Science

NSF series: Finding Your Science

The National Science Foundation has just added some new content to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, for free downloading by participating stations.  Each piece runs about five minutes.  Pieces from two NSF series are now available:

  1. Finding Your Science: “All about science passion, perspective, and inspiration.”
  2. Science of Innovation:  “Inventors and inventions transform the way we communicate, travel and live our daily lives–thanks to the creative process of innovation.”

To browse and download programs from the TelVue Connect Media Exchange (registration and downloading is free), REGISTER HERE.  The TelVue Connect Media Exchange is our new program-sharing platform for PEGs.

Over the next few weeks, scores more NSF videos will be added to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, including a few full-length (30-min) programs and mini-documentaries.  The National Science Foundation has a wonderful library of educational videos that you can also view online. These are extremely well-produced teaching resources, educational programming, and very useful videos about science and innovation.

Also currently available in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange:

As we build out the platform, and more program Syndicators join the Media Exchange, check back for the most current programs available for re-broadcast.

The advantage of using TelVue Connect Media Exchange over the old CMDN (Community Media Distribution Network) is that each program will be automatically transcoded to the broadcast specifications required by your TV operation.  When you register to be a Media Exchange Affiliate, you will be contacted by TelVue to establish the format you need.  From then on, any program you download from Media Exchange will be automatically formatted to those standards, no matter what the format of the program that was originally uploaded.  Even if the original file was in HD, you can – with the proper settings – download a letterboxed version for your SD channel.

Interested?  Register now for a free TelVue Connect Media Exchange account, and start downloading!

(Anyone currently using CMDN will soon be getting notification of the eventual transfer of all CMDN accounts to the Media Exchange.  CMDN will be maintained until all transfers are completed.)


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