Roku Wins!

August 16, 2013, 13:53 by dliu

PEG.TVonRoku A new study shows that Roku is leading the field in video streaming devices in U.S. homes.  This comes at a time when the number of U.S. homes with a streaming device doubled in just two years, to 14% of all American homes.  Parks Associates, which conducted the survey, is predicting that number will double again by 2017.

Roku is currently in 37% of those homes.  Apple TV is in 24%, while other companies like Sony, TiVo, Netgear and Boxee trail behind.

Those trends make it clear that Roku is the place for your channel to be seen!  As a Roku developer, TelVue is already responsible for putting up such high-profile channels as The Knowledge Network, The Rutgers Channel, and the PEG.TV grouping of channels which includes dozens of Public, Educational and Government stations that use the TelVue CloudCast streaming service.

With your own Roku Channel you can extend your reach to anyone with a Roku device and an Internet connection;  you can get precise data on who is watching your channel, when, and for how long;  and you can offer your viewers Live and VOD choices in a single interface.

Contact, and let TelVue put your channel in front of the next generation of TV viewers:  the Internet generation.


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