TelVue Program Sharing Platform Empowers TV Collaboration

August 23, 2013, 14:20 by dliu

Aug 22, 2013 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting for communities, cable operators, and media companies today expanded the versatility of its recently-unveiled TelVue Connect Media Exchange, by giving broadcasters the option of setting up their own private video-sharing groups.

Members of Private Groups within the TelVue Connect Media Exchange are able to upload, preview, and download each other’s programming within a secure and authenticated environment.  This is becoming an increasingly popular form of informal networking among local broadcasters who share a common geography, like the Jersey Access Group (JAG), a collaboration of New Jersey PEG stations.

“The technology of sharing programs among JAG members has just gotten much easier,” says JAG President Bob Duthaler.  “TelVue Connect Media Exchange multiplies our programming resources to include not only content produced by neighboring stations, but by other program syndicators as well.  Since TelVue Connect accepts virtually any format and automatically converts to whatever format each station requires for re-broadcast, it takes the guesswork and hassle out of program sharing. If the source is HD and you need SD, you get it that way, without having to think about it.”

“The addition of the Private Group function to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange empowers a whole new level of collaboration”, says Jesse Lerman, President and CEO of TelVue Corporation.  “Broadcasters with common interests can take advantage of partnerships to tap into new sources of programming, while the producers of that programming have a new way to reach a targeted group of potential broadcasters.”

TelVue® ConnectTMis a cloud-based video ingest, transcoding, and aggregation service for professional broadcasters that simplifies the acquisition of programs from multiple contributors, in multiple formats, from any Internet-connected location.


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