HyperCaster 4.0 is Here!

November 11, 2013, 13:51 by dliu

TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster 4.0, which represents several big steps forward in features and functionality for our 2nd Generation HyperCaster models, including:

* HyperCaster B100 (Gen 2)

* HyperCaster B1000 (Gen 2)

* HyperCaster B100-Analog (Integrated ProVue Decoder, Composite/Component/HDMI)

* HyperCaster B100-SDI (Integrated ProVue Decoder, HD-SDI)

* HyperCaster B1000-SDI (Integrated Quad ProVue Decoders, HD-SDI)

Enhanced multi-format, integrated decoding including Single and Four Channel models, and support for importing additional file formats are among the most important new features of the 4.0 release. Details as follows:

Integrated, Four-channel decoding option

  • The HyperCaster B1000-SDI model supports integrated decoding of up to four channels with HD-SDI outputs.  The B1000-SDI is a HyperCaster with the decoding functions of the TelVue ProVue built-in for up to four channels. Additional channels can be decoded via external TelVue ProVue decoders for a highly scalable playback system supporting up to 20 channels. The HyperCaster B1000-SDI model is perfect for multi-channel playback requiring baseband outputs, HD/SD Simulcast, and IP/Baseband Simulcast applications.

DVD, MPEG-2 Program, and MP4 Import

  • HyperCaster 4.0 will transmux MPEG-2 Program Stream and MP4 (H.264) to MPEG-2 Transport Stream, to give users greater flexibility with content importing options.

  • With the transmux feature enabled, the HyperCaster 4.0 now supports DVD import via a networked hot folder.

TelVue ProVue Decoder Management

  • For HyperCaster users with either internal or external ProVue integration, a ProVue Management section has been added to the config tab.

  • ProVue status is now included as one of the system health criteria. Monitors ProVue connectivity, and decoding status.

  • New Crop mode. When set to an SD output format, 16:9 content will be scaled to fit the height of the screen, and cropped horizontally.

608/708 Digital Closed Captioning

  • Support digital 608/708 closed captioning in MPEG-2 files on HyperCaster B100 SDI and HyperCaster B1000 SDI models.

Increased Storage Option

  • HyperCaster B1000 and B1000 SDI models support a 4TB drive option, for total usable content storage over 11TB.

TelVue Connect Integration

  • Improved robustness of TelVue Connect to HyperCaster file distributions.

  • Ability to use an HTTP proxy to reach Connect. This must be set up by TelVue Tech Support.

  • Traffic and Billing CCMS SCH files line up to TelVue Connect content and vice versa.

    • Connect medium description field will match a TBD’s expected filename (minus file extension) before trying to create a completely new content record.

    • When importing an SCH, the spot ID will attempt to match against Connect content’s title before creating a new TBD.

  • Friendly file names are now used in VER files for CCMS Traffic and Billing integration.


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