Add Bugs and Tickers with your HyperCaster

March 4, 2014, 10:45 by dliu

JumpingKidsGraphicYou can now overlay a station logo and text crawls on your channel with the latest TelVue HyperCaster release (v4.1).

Use this for emergency notifications, community and programming related messages, and channel branding.

GraphicsBugsBlueLogoManage station identification “bugs” and scrolling “tickers” across the screen from the new “Overlays” section of the config tab.

Positioning a “bug” on your screen is as easy as uploading a graphic and specifying the image position on the display grid.


Similarly, you can preview a live “ticker”, even as you choose and edit the colors, fonts, speed, positioning, size, and alpha blending.

If you’re simulcasting in different formats, such as broadcasting the same channel in both HD and SD, the graphics will automatically scale to the size and resolution of each channel. Simulcast can be used to deliver your channel in HD to iPad, Roku, and other connected devices, while distributing the same channel in SD to your cable channel. With simulcast, your playback and graphics display properly for each simulcast output resolution, all from a single action.

For example:  you design overlays for multiple resolutions (HD 16:9 and SD 4:3 for example), and then by associating more than one ProVue (set to different output resolutions) with a HyperCaster channel, you can enable an overlay on a channel, and each ProVue displays it properly in its native resolution.

So with:

  • the HyperCaster’s ability to multicast to multiple ProVues, and
  • ProVue’s ability to auto up and down-convert, and
  • the new multi-resolution overlay capability,

you can manage Simulcast channels without really having to think about the fact that they are working with different output resolutions. Schedule programs as you normally would, and turn overlays on and off. The rest is TelVue magic!

Graphics are displayed on both file-based playout and StreamThru™ events, so you also get true downstream overlays on programming and live sources.

This new integrated graphics feature is available in any Gen 2 HyperCaster with an integrated TelVue ProVue IP Decoder, or streaming to external TelVue ProVue IP Decoders. 3rd party HD graphics systems can be very expensive, so this is a great way to get even further value out of your TelVue system!

For more detailed instructions on how to use the graphics feature, see the latest addition to the HyperCaster User Manual.



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