More Ways to Make Your Video Announcements Sing!

August 4, 2014, 10:05 by dliu

Users of the Video Producer feature in TelVue Connect will be glad to see a whole bunch of new animation templates to choose from.  As with all the Video Producer styles, these range from the highly thematic (check out the “old glory” example, below), to the very subtle (“champagne”),  to the downright quirky (#1 Dad).

Video Producer is the optional feature in TelVue Connect that allows people of any technical skill level to make professional video announcements and spots right in their browser, for export to your video library and further distribution to your TV channel.

Video Producer is perfect for a fresh look at community bulletin board announcements, making your TV channel look more like TV and less like signage. And what is great is you don’t have to do all of the work! Your contributors and members of the community can easily create and directly submit videos to you for your review and approval. Video Producer also shines for making sponsorship or ad spots.

Here’s a quick rendition, using a new template called “Old Glory”:

Those with a Video Producer license can start using the new templates right away. If you have a TelVue Connect account but don’t yet have the Video Producer license, you can still experiment with a Video Producer demo by hovering over the Media tab and clicking “Produce a Video”. If you’d like to activate Video Producer for your organization, please email

P.S. – with Video Producer, you also get access to tons of rights-cleared soundtracks.


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