Easy Download of Democracy Now!

November 18, 2014, 16:51 by dliu

DN! in ConnectWith today’s release of TelVue Connect v1.7.4, re-broadcasters of Democracy Now! can have each new daily episode auto-distributed to their TelVue broadcast server from the TelVue Connect Media Exchange.

Democracy Now! has always been available as a video in the Media Exchange.  Starting today, Democracy Now! is available as a Series. The difference between licensing a video and licensing a Series is that Series will automatically populate the Media Libraries of TV stations that subscribe.

That means that after each Democracy Now! episode is added to the Media Exchange (usually between 10am-11am, Mon-Fri), those who subscribed to it will find it in their TelVue Connect Media Library.

From there, TelVue Connect Pro users who have their account synchronized to their TelVue broadcast server can set their accounts to “auto-distribute”, which will then push the media up to the broadcast server, ready to be scheduled.

One more time-saving tool from the TelVue Team!


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