HyperCaster, ProVue and Connect Upgrades

March 23, 2015, 11:26 by dliu

HC v5.1 media page is simpler, clearer

The TelVue Development Team has wrapped up a lot of work in the past week, bringing some important new features to the HyperCaster platform, and laying the groundwork for some big changes ahead for our cloud-based video streaming solutions.

Top among the new features of HyperCaster v5.1:

  • Capture multiple IP inputs simultaneously (with the proper IP Capture licenses) for later replay.
  • Continuity Timeshift allows you to delay a continuity stream by a configurable amount of time. Requires a Timeshift license.
  • A new Video auto-fade option for the HyperCaster v5.1-ProVue v2.5 combination allows you to add a video transition of up to 1s between playouts.
  • Combined content “show” and “edit” pages into one, for a much nicer UI for content edit

The complete listing of features and fixes in HyperCaster v5.1 is available here; and look here for ProVue v2.5 release notes.

In addition, the latest TelVue Connect release (v1.8) is a big step toward the future integration of our Connect and CloudCast platforms. What this will mean for the TelVue user is a single cloud-based portal for video aggregation, transcoding, media exchange program sharing, and adaptive bitrate VOD and live streaming. All under one application and workflow. The TelVue Connect adaptive bitrate VOD and streaming feature is still in Beta, but stayed tuned for the official release, later this Spring!


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