2015 – the Year of IP Broadcast

April 22, 2015, 15:24 by dliu

It seems like the headlines out of NAB this year were dominated by the inevitability of IP broadcast. Of course TelVue has been providing IP broadcast solutions for years, so it’s nice to know its time has come! Some takeaways from a series of recent headlines (links where available, if you want to read more):

“It’s about changing the workflow environment from being hardware based to software; that is where the operational flexibility comes in.”  – TV Technology:  IP for Broadcast: The Time is Now

“A number of top technologists highlighted the potential of IP technologies to revolutionize the TV industry” – Broadcasting & Cable: NAB: Tech Leaders Say IP Transition Is ‘A Big Deal’Faster innovation, flexibility and lower costs are among the advantages

“IP is reshaping how live video is acquired and transported; switched and routed; and ultimately distributed and consumed.” – TVNewsCheck:  IP Expanding into Live, Remote Productions

“To remain efficient and satisfy demand, broadcasters will need to choose the technology that has already demonstrated its ability to support the bandwidth that broadcasters require. In the long term, the current SDI standards simply do not provide an affordable and sustainable solution.” – TV Technology:  IP Studio Infrastructure

“The big shift from baseband video to IT files and IP infrastructure now underway will make other upcoming innovations possible for broadcasters.” – TVNewsCheck:  There’s No Stopping the Move to IT/IP.

“Survey by TV Technology and Broadcast Engineering shows support for IP workflows to support 4K and beyond.” – A whitepaper by TV Technology and Broadcast Engineering.

“The delivery of IP video to consumers–that ship has sailed. There are lots of things going on in terms of how we are going to do that. A lot of viewers already have migrated to IP-based viewing, and a lot more will soon do so.” – SMPTE Hot Button Discussion:  What’s the Best IP Video Path Forward?

Broadcasting & Cable is presenting a free webinar tomorrow (Apr 23) on The Media Industry Transition to IP:  Defining the Business Case.  You can register here.



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