Global Connections in the Media Exchange

April 22, 2015, 08:44 by dliu
Global Connections interviews anthropologist Jane Goodall

Global Connections interviews anthropologist Jane Goodall

A unique program that airs on United Nations TV , New York City and global media outlets is now available to PEG stations for re-broadcast. Global Connections Television has just joined the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, and uploaded 25 episodes of a half-hour talk show that features UN representatives, academics, international relations specialists, private sector CEOs and NGO leaders.

Global Connections TV founder and host Bill Miller says his interviews focus on how international issues impact people on a local level, and the ways in which the UN and other groups are helping to create a better world.

Topics range from global peacekeeping, aid and education projects, economic and social development, human rights, to youth and cultural programs.

Here is your chance to make global, local. Download Global Connections for re-broadcast to your community. Better yet, if you subscribe to Global Connections as a Series in the Media Exchange (login required to view), each new episode that is added will automatically show up in your TelVue Connect Media Library.

If you don’t already have a free Media Exchange account, ask us for one. You’ll find a lot of other free programming in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, like Democracy Now!, National Science Foundation educational videos, Ad Council PSAs, and many local and regional TV programs of a wide variety of styles and topics.


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