Significant Upgrades to the HyperCaster/ProVue

October 2, 2015, 15:14 by dliu

TelVue is proud to announce another significant milestone in the evolution of both HyperCaster and ProVue products, with the simultaneous release this week of HyperCaster v5.2 and ProVue 2.6.

In a nutshell: the latest versions bring a host of new features to content management and graphic overlay design, as well as upgrades to underlying systems such as the Ubuntu Operating System, SNMP traps for monitoring health status, and synchronization with the TelVue Connect cloud. Some of the changes are immediately apparent on the main Content page, which has been redesigned with a cleaner, simpler interface.


On the content management side, the HyperCaster’s User Interface has been streamlined to make more options available from a single click. For example:

  • You can access content file actions (Edit, Schedule, Delete, Archive, etc…) by right-clicking on the thumbnail(s) on the main content page.
  • Just mouse over a thumbnail for basic video information.
  • Search is more intuitive.
  • Additional Connect metadata fields now sync down to Broadcast Servers as an Extended Metadata tab in the Content Edit view

On the design side, customers with ProVue graphics enabled can add drop shadows to ticker and snipe texts. You can also add a foreground image that stays on top as your ticker text crawls off screen. The graphic interface is also more user-friendly, with additional drag-and-drop functionality for positioning tickers and snipes, and transparency settings for “bug” graphics.


Users of the TelVue InfoVue Digital Signage system will find an RSS feed-generating tool that lets you define the parameters of a program guide, to more easily display programming information in an InfoVue screen.

The complete list of new features for HyperCaster v5.2 and ProVue v2.6 is available in the Product Documentation section of the TelVue website. It’s a long list, and it adds up to an ever more efficient and fully-featured playout experience.


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