Producing Live Sports with TelVue GoToAir

February 8, 2016, 13:26 by dliu

HunReplaySmallThe basketball game was fast and close. Twice, the Hun School Raiders came back from behind in the last seconds of the game to drive it into overtime. You could hear the drama in the voice of Tom Monfilleto – he’s a Hun alum – as he called the play-by-play for those watching the Hun School’s live Internet video stream.

Amazingly, Monfilleto was not only narrating the action, he was also calling the camera shots, updating the scoring graphics, triggering the animated transitions, switching and describing the instant replay. He was TV director, producer, and sports commentator all rolled into one. He could do this because he was covering the game with the new TelVue GoToAir™ IP video production system.

GTAcameraTelVue’s new GoToAir video production system leverages low cost, but high quality HD and 4K Ultra high definition IP cameras to easily cover indoor or outdoor sporting events with a very professional appearance. “The power of TelVue GoToAir is that it’s ultra easy to set up and use. Just open your laptop, start the GoToAir application and connect directly to one or more IP cameras via local networking and you’re ready to Go-To-Air. Following the action is easy with remote control PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) – or even our innovative ‘virtual’ PTZ that uses software to instantly re-point between user-defined camera angles” explained Paul Andrews, TelVue’s Senior VP for Sales and Marketing. “GoToAir makes it possible for one person to perform like an entire live production team.”

“It’s the coolest thing going,” said Griffin Ferrara, a Hun School Junior who showed up to help out with updating the scoreboard graphics,HunScoring which can be updated from any mobile phone or tablet as easily as it can be done right from the GoToAir laptop. Ferrara aspires to be a sports broadcaster, and though this was his first time helping with a live production, it was clear he would be back for more. “I’m amazed at how responsive this is!” he said as he took over updating the scoring, giving Monfilleto more time to concentrate on calling the game.

image01Sitting beside him on a parallel laptop was Ryan Egan, Hun’s Associate Director of Communications. His laptop was running the GoToAir Replay module, which let him select and cue up highlights worthy of instant replay. GoToAir captures the entire game – not only for replays, but for post-production as well. Egan also operated the joystick that pans and zooms the HD camera which covered the whole court. Tonight there were so many highlights that he was a busy man. And a happy one. In double overtime, the Hun Raiders beat the rival Lawrenceville Big Red 68-66.

Setting up the cameras, laptops, audio, and connections took less than an hour. Tearing down was even faster. Monfilleto broadcasts different sports from different locations so he packs laptops, camera and other gear into a hard-shell case for convenient transport to all kinds of Hun School events. Go to their YouTube channel and you’ll see swimming, ice hockey, even a fencing match. (Watch this basketball game here.) If the venue doesn’t have a camera mount, he takes a tripod. If it doesn’t have Internet, he records the entire event for later replay.

image05TelVue’s GoToAir video production system is designed to be portable and easily operated. Monfilleto believes the GoToAir system is so easy to run that he can teach successive classes of students to take over production. Mastering GoToAir is a top priority for Hun’s Communications Intern Club that meets every week. For high school students, this sort of technology will soon become second nature.

As a boarding school, The Hun School needs to reach a geographically dispersed group of parents and alumnae. Hun’s audience welcomes the live streaming of all kinds of events – ranging in complexity from the more elaborate Convocation and Commencement ceremonies, to the more modest college preparatory panels for students and parents.

TelVue GoToAir puts live video production with a professional touch within reach of schools and organizations that may not have had the resources to broadcast a live event the old-fashioned way. But times are changing, and so is the technology. TelVue GoToAir combines the benefits of HD and Ultra HD cameras with the flexibility of IP software-based production, to make live event broadcasting accessible to all.