Stormwatchers, rejoice!

February 17, 2016, 15:12 by dliu

WeatherRadarInfoVue users can now add dynamic weather radar to your screens.  In the INFOVUE LIBRARY is a new “weather radar” folder with regional weather radar html content.  You are free to copy/paste these to your own media library for use in your own template design.

To add a weather radar window to any template, just search for the U.S. region you want in the Media search field on the right of your template designer, and drag and drop the thumbnail on to your staging area.  The media filenames include the aspect ratio of each image, so you’ll know what dimensions to use when resizing.

If you want to mask the color legend and text, you can create a new “shape” of the same size as the weather html, define an opaque border of a certain width (about 100px for HD), make the background of your shape transparent (opacity = 0), and lay that shape directly over the map like a frame.