Back by popular demand: the Training Webinars

February 18, 2016, 11:09 by dliu

We’re scheduling another round of training webinars for two key TelVue products: the HyperCaster broadcast server and InfoVue digital signage. These webinars will be useful for anyone planning to get started on either platform. (HyperCaster webinar #1 will also review the new v5.4 features andUser Interface.) Prospective users who just want a “behind the scenes” tour are also welcome to join us. Please use the separate registration link after each webinar description to sign up. Bring your questions!

The HyperCaster webinar series covers the basic broadcast server, plus optional integrated functions:

#1 – HyperCaster Overview – This webinar covers the basics of HyperCaster use, including an overview of the User Interface, content management, importing content, scheduling and reporting tools. Learn your way around the new features and User Interface in the latest HyperCaster upgrade (v5.4).
REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Overview webinar, Tue, Mar 1 starting at 2pm EST.

#2 – Advanced HyperCaster Scheduling – How to use the HyperCaster’s advanced scheduling features such as: TBDs (working with content before the actual media file is imported), Continuity (default programming when nothing is scheduled), Offset & Trim, Block Copy/Paste, recurring events, schedule and capture live IP and RTMP streams.
REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Scheduling webinar, Tue, Mar 8 starting at 2pm EST.

#3 – Do More with your HyperCaster – The HyperCaster integrates with other TelVue products and services to give you expanded capabilities such as:

  • Upload any format from anywhere with TelVue Connect; with series and playlist scheduling tools.
  • Graphic overlays (bugs, tickers and snipes) and emergency ticker console with internal or external ProVue IP decoder.
  • Fully-featured dynamic HD digital signage with InfoVue integration. Good solution for automatically filling gaps.
  • Integrated archiving: When integrated with your own NAS or SAN storage, archived content can be tracked and scheduled directly from the HyperCaster.

REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Integrations webinar, Tue, Mar 15 starting at 2pm EDT.

#4 – Stream your channel with TelVue CloudCast integration. Reach new audiences by streaming your channel – Live and VOD – to multiple devices with TelVue CloudCast. Preview the new TelVue CloudCast CMS, with responsive players, optional Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) encoding, easy website integration and social media sharing tools.
REGISTER HERE for Video Streaming webinar, Tue, Mar 22 starting at 2pm EDT.

The InfoVue webinar series covers both the technical and the design side of the application:

#1 – InfoVue setup and config (technical) – Instructions for technical staff on how to set up and configure the InfoVue Pro and Stick (This only needs to be done once, when you first set up your unit). Use the InfoVue Pro web-accessible UI to set it and forget it.
REGISTER HERE for InfoVue Technical Setup webinar, Thu, Mar 3, starting at 2pm EST.

#2 – InfoVue Basics (creative) – An introduction to the InfoVue design and scheduling workflow. Build up your InfoVue library by adding media, streams, weather, traffic, Twitter and data feeds. We will cover the basic template and ticker design, with more detailed design and scheduling training in the following two webinars.
REGISTER HERE for InfoVue Basics webinar, Thu, Mar 10, starting at 2pm EST.

#3 – Advanced Template and Ticker Design – How to make the best use of the many creative tools available in Template and Ticker design, including backgrounds, branding elements, audio and video, URLs, playlists and live streams. Customize templates from the existing InfoVue Library to suit your needs.
REGISTER HERE for InfoVue Design webinar, Thu, Mar 17, starting at 2pm EDT.

#4 – Playlists and Scheduling – Learn how you can use playlists for both scheduling and template building; how to build your schedule; define duration and validity rules; and how to integrate your InfoVue output with a TelVue HyperCaster.
REGISTER HERE for InfoVue Scheduling webinar, Thu, Mar 24, starting at 2pm EDT.