Produce Live Events on a Laptop – Try it for FREE!

October 6, 2016, 13:20 by dliu

gta_lauren_field_croppedWhen 4K video technology was first unveiled, many a PEG operator must have wondered, “What can I do with 4K?”

Allow us to propose a practical answer: think of that high-resolution source as a motherlode, from which you can zoom into multiple regions of interest – with each region maintaining broadcast-quality resolution.

That’s what you can do with TelVue GoToAir, an IP video production application that installs on any Windows 10 PC or laptop. Plug in a 4K or HD camera, define and switch between your “regions of interest”, add graphics and multimedia, and stream the finished production, Live. It’s like having a control room in a laptop.

TelVue GoToAir can be used to cover live sports, community events, town meetings, graduations… the sky’s the limit! It’s portable, affordable, and easy to use.

If you have your own Windows 10 PC or laptop and want to kick the tires, why not download a free trial version of the application and see for yourself? Tech specs HERE.  User Manual HERE.