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TelVue powering 4K for SES at CCW

November 12, 2015, 14:48 by dliu

The global satellite company SES uses a TelVue HyperCaster to display 4K Ultra High-Definition at its CCW booth!

SES 4K UHD display at CCW is powered by a HyperCaster

SES 4K UHD display at CCW is powered by a HyperCaster


New Roles at TelVue

November 5, 2015, 15:50 by dliu

The faces will be familiar, but the roles are changing. TelVue is re-organizing the distribution of responsibilities around the company to better reflect the ever-changing demands of developing new products and services. To summarize:

Dan Joworisak has been promoted to Controller, while also holding the positions of Treasurer and Secretary.  This is in recognition of Dan’s skills in handling TelVue’s business processes and financial systems for years, and invests him with greater responsibility for the overall financial direction of the company.

Chris Perry is now TelVue’s Director, Broadcast Product Management – a leading role in envisioning and implementing the roadmap for the development of TelVue Broadcast products. Chris has years of experience in Pro and PEG broadcast. In his previous position as Director of Systems Engineering, Chris learned first-hand about the requirements of TelVue customers, and looks forward to incorporating that feedback into future product features.

Matt Christy, who joined the company as a Systems Engineer, moves to Product Manager – Pro Broadcast.  Our Pro market customers including Cable and Telco operators use the HyperCaster, ProVue and AdCaster systems, and Matt’s experience in integrating and designing these systems is a great resource for this market.

Ben Liu has long been leading the charge on the development of TelVue’s cloud services, and his promotion to Director of Cloud Development is a natural extension of those responsibilities. TelVue’s cloud services – Connect, CloudCast- are key to giving TelVue customers access to the latest in online, streaming, and Over The Top (OTT) video technologies.

Matt Smith knows all there is to know about what makes a HyperCaster work. Matt has been named Director of Broadcast Development to lead the development of TelVue’s flagship broadcast server to keep up with the evolution of broadcast technology, as well as add more and better features to future versions of the broadcast server.

Kevin Miscia has been promoted to Senior Web Apps Developer. Kevin was previously lead developer on the AdCaster as well as the Princeton and HyperCaster web applications. He has transitioned into the Cloud team, and brings with him years of broadcast workflow experience.

Stephen Pasich becomes TelVue’s Principal Engineer Real-Time Development. Stephen drove the development of the ProVue IP decoder, which has become such an essential part of the HyperCaster system.

Chris Garrett, whom some TelVue customers might recognize as a voice on the other end of a tech support call, has done such a good job of it that he is now Manager of the TechOps team.

Please also welcome two new members of the TelVue team: Ryan Mulvaney is the TelVue Product Training Specialist, and Lauren Caputo joins TelVue as Sales Coordinator.

Our customers may not know many of TelVue’s behind-the-scenes personnel, and may not even notice any difference in the way TelVue works. But we expect this re-organization, like any good workflow improvement, will strengthen our ability to keep our products and services at the leading edge of broadcast technology.


TelVue Releases HyperCaster v5.3 with Enhanced Graphics and Content Management

November 4, 2015, 15:20 by dliu

Nov 4, 2015 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting systems for cable operators, communities and media companies today released version 5.3 of its flagship HyperCaster SD/HD broadcast server. TelVue HyperCaster v5.3 includes professional quality on-air graphics and new sophisticated content management features.  Integration with the AJA® KUMO SDI video switcher has also been added, joining a wide array of popular baseband video routing switchers supported by the HyperCaster for hybrid SDI and IP workflows.

When integrated with a TelVue ProVue IP decoder, the new HyperCaster expands the design capabilities of the graphics overlays to include foreground and background images in the ticker design, drag-and-drop positioning of all design elements, and drop shadow text for both tickers and snipes.

On the content management side, HyperCaster v5.3 displays a revamped user interface with more intuitive metadata features, improved search, and easier access to media file and workflow actions.

The HyperCaster v5.3 release coincides with the release of ProVue v2.6, which — besides the graphics enhancements — now supports baseband input (Analog, HDMI, SDI) for scaling and graphics with baseband inputs in addition to IP, and a configurable Autofade feature for enhanced transition effects.

“Version 5.3 represents significant improvements throughout the entire application, most notably: more elegant graphic tools, simplified content management, and improved synchronization with our cloud-based TelVue Connect content aggregation and transcoding service,” explained Chris Perry, Director of Broadcast Product Management.  “These improvements – often driven by user feedback – mean TelVue can continue to provide a high-quality, professional-looking user experience at an affordable price… and the downstream graphics are nothing short of stunning.”


TelVue Training Opportunities

October 30, 2015, 12:48 by dliu

In keeping with TelVue’s commitment to providing our users with top-notch training so they can get the most out of their broadcast systems, TelVue is launching two new series of training webinars.  The series will address both the basics and more in-depth aspects of the HyperCaster broadcast system and of the InfoVue digital signage service. All existing and prospective TelVue users are invited to register for any or all of these webinars — whether you just need a refresher, have staff turn over, need info on the latest features or are thinking about purchasing your first TelVue system. Each series will begin with an overview and delve into more detail in later sessions.  Each session will have time for your questions. 

Here is a brief rundown of the HyperCaster broadcast system sessions:

#1 – HyperCaster Overview: Designed for first-time HyperCaster users, this webinar covers the basics of HyperCaster use, including an overview of the User Interface, content management, importing content, and scheduling tools. REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Overview webinar, Thu, Nov 12, starting at 2pm EST.

#2 – Advanced HyperCaster scheduling: Learn how to use the HyperCaster’s advanced scheduling features such as: TBDs (working with content before the actual media file is imported) , Continuity (default programming when nothing is scheduled), Offset & Trim, recurring events, scheduling or capturing live IP streams. REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Advanced Scheduling webinar, Thu Nov 19, starting at 2pm EST.

#3 – Graphic Overlays: This webinar applies to HyperCaster users with the ProVue graphics package, which enables the design and scheduling of bugs, tickers, snipes, and emergency notifications.  REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster Graphic Overlays webinar, Thu Dec 3, starting at 2pm EST.

#4 – HyperCaster/Connect: This webinar is tailored for HyperCaster users with TelVue Connect integration, and goes into best practices for the Connect workflow, including drag-and-drop uploads, HyperCaster distribution rules, use of the Series and Playlists functions, and scheduling priorities. REGISTER HERE for HyperCaster and TelVue Connect integration webinar, Thu Dec 10, starting at 2pm EST.

Here is a brief rundown of the InfoVue sessions:

#1 – Getting Started with InfoVue – This webinar is designed to help you get InfoVue digital signage up and running as quickly as possible. Find out more about setting up your InfoVue players (Pro and Preview), getting to know the key features, and understanding the design and scheduling workflow. We will also show you how to customize templates from the existing InfoVue Library to suit your needs. Some of these topics will also be covered in greater detail in future webinars. REGISTER HERE for Getting Started with InfoVue webinar, Tue, Nov 10, starting at 2pm EST.

#2 – Working With Social Media and Data Feeds – Take full advantage of InfoVue’s ability to display many kinds of dynamic data feeds including live weather, social media, RSS, and feeds that you create for outside contributors to fill. Learn how to add new data sources to InfoVue, and display them in on your screen. Sources can be an external RSS/XML feed, a Twitter feed, or your own “Server Feed”.  REGISTER HERE for the InfoVue Datafeed webinar, Tue, Nov 17, starting at 2pm EST.

#3 – Designing Templates and Tickers – Make the best use of the many creative tools available in Template and Ticker design, including backgrounds, branding elements, audio and video, URLs, playlists and live streams. Learn how to upload, organize, and design with the multiple media possibilities in InfoVue. REGISTER HERE for the InfoVue Design webinar, Tue, Dec 1, starting at 2pm EST.

#4 – Playlists and Scheduling – Now that you have made your InfoVue templates, understand how to organize the elements you are going to display on your channel.  Learn how you can use playlists for both scheduling and template building; how to build your schedule; and how to integrate your InfoVue output with a TelVue HyperCaster. REGISTER HERE for the InfoVue Playlists & Scheduling webinar, Tue, Dec 8, starting at 2pm EST.



Seasonal InfoVue Backgrounds

October 21, 2015, 13:25 by dliu

IVseasonalWe have just added some colorful seasonal backgrounds to the InfoVue Library, giving you an even wider choice of pre-designed template backgrounds for your digital signage.

Remember that to use these library graphics, simply Copy/Paste the template from the InfoVue Library to your own, before you start editing the template.

These seasonally-themed backgrounds arrive just in time for your Fall/Winter and even Spring announcements. Available in HD and SD.



WHYY Showcases Fresh Air Archives Powered by TelVue Technology

October 15, 2015, 07:19 by dliu

Oct 14, 2015 (Mt. Laurel, NJ) — This Friday Oct 16, WHYY is hosting a Philly Archives Month event to feature the vast audio archive of NPR’s Fresh Air, built on a platform developed by the broadcast technology company TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE).

The Friday event features a behind-the-scenes tour, a talk with show producers, and a sampling of the best of three decades of interviews with some of the world’s most distinguished cultural icons.

“WHYY is pleased to participate in Philly’s celebration of the importance of archives as keepers of our culture,” said Terry Gross, award-winning host of the acclaimed arts and news program. “I’m happy that the public will have greater access to some of the memorable interviews we have conducted over the years.” Philadelphia libraries, universities, media and government archives are marking Archives Month with a long list of public tours, workshops, screenings, exhibits, and lectures.

TelVue is upgrading the archive platform and application built for WHYY a few years ago based on PBCore, the Public Broadcasting Metadata standard developed by the public broadcasting community. TelVue, WHYY, the Fresh Air team, and metadata and library science specialists from Drexel University are currently working on enhancements to streamline metadata entry, and to make the audio and metadata more widely available for research and scholarship. The enhancements make it more efficient to keep the enormous collection catalogued for easier access.

“It’s a great public service to archive the thoughts of so many prominent people over the past 30 years,” said TelVue President and CEO Jesse Lerman. “TelVue’s track record in broadcast and cloud video technology gives us a deep understanding of digital media archiving and workflows. We’re excited to be working with WHYY to make sure the Fresh Air interviews are accessible to the public and to future generations.”

Fresh Air, produced by WHYY in Philadelphia and distributed by NPR, reaches nearly 5 million radio listeners each week along with 3 million podcast downloads.


C-NET Discovers Social Broadcasting

October 13, 2015, 13:29 by dliu

2013InternsSCPlanningAt the geographical center of Pennsylvania lies a unique consortium of government and educational institutions that have pooled their resources to fund C-NET, an access TV operation that serves a spread-out community.

C-NET is Centre County’s Government and Education Access Television Network. It administers a G and an E channel on Comcast and the smaller Windstream cable system, which together give C-NET a potential reach of 46,000 subscribers. The territory includes Penn State’s largest campus, surrounded by a fairly rural stretch of homes, many without cable TV service.

So when it came time to upgrade, C-NET was looking for – among other features – the ability to webstream in HD. They got that and much more with a complete overhaul to a TelVue system, including a HyperCaster broadcast server, CloudCast streaming, and the InfoVue digital signage system. Now C-NET can simulcast in SD to cable and HD to the web, reaching even more viewers via Roku set-top boxes. C-NET has embraced the era of social broadcasting — and were so happy with their new HyperCaster install, they tweeted it:
Executive Director Cynthia Hahn says: “My community is really thrilled that they can obtain embed codes, direct links, and can share programs on Facebook and Twitter. That means one of our partners can put a specific video on a local planning dept website, for example. They also love the fact that I can send them individual chapter points in a video. And I love having the reach of Roku available.”

80% of C-NET’s coverage is local meetings, some of them quite long.  The rest is comprised of Penn State lectures, festivals, forums, and roundtables. C-NET benefits from the ability to go live from any of 10 remote locations that can be switched through Comcast. Because they do not have a studio, nearly everything they do is field production, and that is staffed with a steady supply of interns from Penn State who rotate through and get college credit for working at the station. ”They work with us, learn to troubleshoot, and get professional experience.  That relationship with Penn State is very valuable,” says Hahn.

Interns at Arts Fest 2012_2

Hahn admits she is not a “tech person”, but feels that gives her more of a chance to focus on what her community really wants. When Hahn researched the upgrade of C-NET’s broadcast system, her primary consideration was to go with “a vendor that was always forward-thinking, that says ‘you need to get ready to do this’. That’s been my impression of TelVue for many many years.  If something was going to come down the pike, it was going to come from TelVue first. I wanted that.”

“TelVue products and services are in constant development,” explains TelVue President Jesse Lerman. “From our first, pioneering channel-in-a-box playback system, to IP workflows and cloud-based broadcast file sharing, TelVue takes pride in being a PEG broadcast technology innovator. We are pleased to be able make cutting edge technologies easily accessible and easy to use for our customers.”


Significant Upgrades to the HyperCaster/ProVue

October 2, 2015, 15:14 by dliu

TelVue is proud to announce another significant milestone in the evolution of both HyperCaster and ProVue products, with the simultaneous release this week of HyperCaster v5.2 and ProVue 2.6.

In a nutshell: the latest versions bring a host of new features to content management and graphic overlay design, as well as upgrades to underlying systems such as the Ubuntu Operating System, SNMP traps for monitoring health status, and synchronization with the TelVue Connect cloud. Some of the changes are immediately apparent on the main Content page, which has been redesigned with a cleaner, simpler interface.


On the content management side, the HyperCaster’s User Interface has been streamlined to make more options available from a single click. For example:

  • You can access content file actions (Edit, Schedule, Delete, Archive, etc…) by right-clicking on the thumbnail(s) on the main content page.
  • Just mouse over a thumbnail for basic video information.
  • Search is more intuitive.
  • Additional Connect metadata fields now sync down to Broadcast Servers as an Extended Metadata tab in the Content Edit view

On the design side, customers with ProVue graphics enabled can add drop shadows to ticker and snipe texts. You can also add a foreground image that stays on top as your ticker text crawls off screen. The graphic interface is also more user-friendly, with additional drag-and-drop functionality for positioning tickers and snipes, and transparency settings for “bug” graphics.


Users of the TelVue InfoVue Digital Signage system will find an RSS feed-generating tool that lets you define the parameters of a program guide, to more easily display programming information in an InfoVue screen.

The complete list of new features for HyperCaster v5.2 and ProVue v2.6 is available in the Product Documentation section of the TelVue website. It’s a long list, and it adds up to an ever more efficient and fully-featured playout experience.


Government Video Magazine Features TelVue Broadcaster

August 7, 2015, 13:58 by dliu

LongmeadowTraceyGovernment Video‘s latest issue features the Longmeadow TV (Massachusetts) HD upgrade, using the TelVue HyperCaster system:

Go Longmeadow TV!


TelVue® CloudCastTM is Roku® Broadcaster for Triple Crown Bid

June 5, 2015, 15:06 by dliu

May 28, 2015 (Mt. Laurel, NJ) – On Saturday June 6th, the thoroughbred horse racing phenom American Pharoah makes his historic bid for a Triple Crown title. And for the second year, TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE) will be Internet broadcasting the spectacle in crystal clear 1080p HD.   This live HD Over-The-Top (OTT) broadcast of horse racing’s third jewel in the crown, the Belmont Stakes, is available exclusively to the New York Racing Association’s (NYRA) Rewards members.

“TelVue’s video streaming technology opens up our racing events to a much larger potential audience,” explains Tom Thill, NYRA’s VP and Chief Information Officer. “NYRA Rewards members who can’t make it to the track are thrilled to be able to watch and wager on the races – live over the Internet.”

The NYRA Rewards’ Roku® TV channel gives members daily access to 1080p HD live and replay video streams of important races from more than 150 race tracks. The first weekend in June all eyes will be on Belmont Park again, where the odds-on favorite American Pharoah tries to become the first thoroughbred since 1978 to win the sport’s most elusive and prestigious title.

“TelVue is pleased to support NYRA in bringing this important race to the living rooms of NYRA Rewards members,” says TelVue Senior Vice President Paul Andrews. “Our low latency, secure, and encrypted Roku OTT video streaming solutions are ideal for broadcasting high value live sports action to fans wherever they are.”

TelVue provides the live and better-than-broadcast TV, 1080p HD streaming solution for all NYRA members with a NYRA Rewards account and a Roku Internet Streaming account.