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December 19, 2016, 14:32 by dliu

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Broadcast the Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Parade – LIVE!

November 11, 2016, 13:43 by dliu

Plymouth Thanksgiving 2015Who better to stage a “historically accurate” Thanksgiving Parade than Plymouth, MA, where it all began?  How would you like to re-broadcast the event? Well thanks to the collaboration of PACTV and TelVue – this year you CAN!

PACTV is covering the Plymouth parade starting at 10:15am on Saturday, Nov 19th, and offering a live stream of their coverage, free, to any access station that wants to re-broadcast it.

TelVue users: here is your chance to leverage the HyperCaster technology to bring your viewers a front row seat at the best Thanksgiving Parade anywhere!

Any HyperCaster v5.5 or above can program that live stream to your own channel. Plymouth TV will be broadcasting a test signal beforehand.) Please contact Carol McGilvray at PACTV ( or Charley Paige at TelVue (, for more detailed instructions.

Media Exchange Affiliates will also be able to download the edited video of the event from the TelVue Connect Media Exchange and Mass Media Exchange (MMX) by midnight Nov 22.


GoToAir Wins WFX Award

November 7, 2016, 11:55 by dliu

wfx_newprodlogo16_winnerOur live IP video production application, TelVue GoToAir, has been distinguished with the 2016 New Product Award by WFX, the Worship Facilities media and conference organizer.

In announcing its decision Thursday, Worship Tech Director explained that the entries were judged on “innovation, functionality, cost-effectiveness, competitive advantages” among other criteria.

This honor comes as TelVue GoToAir has begun to attract the attention of houses of worship, where broadcasting is a key piece of any modern outreach strategy.

In a recent article in Church Production magazine, reviewer Mark Hanna said of TelVue GoToAir,  “this system is really well designed and very intuitive… For churches looking for a full featured streaming event production package, GoToAir has it all.”

The Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi in Metuchen used TelVue GoToAir to stream the installation of Bishop Elect Checchio earlier this year.

The application is also used in schools to cover live events such as sports, meetings, and ceremonies.


The Mass Access Tour

October 25, 2016, 11:15 by dliu

2016matourcharleyThere will be many opportunities for Massachusetts broadcasters to get up close and personal with TelVue technology in the next couple of weeks.

Mass Access has scheduled four “Meet & Greet” sessions, beginning with today’s event at Peabody Access Telecommunications.

TelVue’s Charley Paige and Brian Albertson will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Each event features a workshop, lunch, product demonstrations, and a lot of networking and socializing opportunities. Come by!


New Field Application Engineer

October 11, 2016, 15:55 by dliu

Brian Albertson joins TelVue as Field Application Engineer

TelVue is pleased to welcome Brian Albertson on board as our new Field Application Engineer, based in Massachusetts. Our Northeast PEG clients might recognize Brian from his years in the public access world: first in Wellesley, then Norwood, and most recently, Stoneham TV.

It was Brian’s experience as program coordinator at Stoneham that brought him into the TelVue orbit. His fluency with technology made him an ideal Beta partner for the development of new HyperCaster features, and his organized thinking provided invaluable feedback to our development process. He became a TelVue “power user”.

“I enjoyed getting more deeply into the technology that makes programming possible,” says Brian of that part of his work. “It was a great experience being able to help TelVue, and be on the leading edge of new software features.”

Now Brian is in a position to share that knowledge with TelVue’s growing list of PEG clients in the Northeast. Being a Field Application Engineer based in Massachusetts means he will be focusing on installation, on-site troubleshooting, and technical support. Brian will also be involved in sales engineering, and yes – product feedback.

Brian learned electronic troubleshooting in the Marine Corps. It was the beginning of a career trajectory that includes a BS in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, teaching and training A/V production in both PEG and academic environments, and managing the hardware and software programming systems for Stoneham TV.

At Stoneham, Brian gained an appreciation of IP workflows, and the power of hybrid SDI/IP systems. “The IP transition made programming so much easier, with the ability to schedule live streams and IP capture, in the same interface [the HyperCaster]. It made a lot more sense, workflow-wise.” He also “gets”, from first-hand experience, the priorities of a PEG channel. “I understand that different stations will have different workflows, and I know what’s important to them. I can help them make the most out of their TelVue system, the little touches that can save time and make a channel look more contemporary.”

With Brian on board, TelVue reaffirms our commitment to providing first-class support to our growing client base, especially – but not limited to – the Northeast.


Produce Live Events on a Laptop – Try it for FREE!

October 6, 2016, 13:20 by dliu

gta_lauren_field_croppedWhen 4K video technology was first unveiled, many a PEG operator must have wondered, “What can I do with 4K?”

Allow us to propose a practical answer: think of that high-resolution source as a motherlode, from which you can zoom into multiple regions of interest – with each region maintaining broadcast-quality resolution.

That’s what you can do with TelVue GoToAir, an IP video production application that installs on any Windows 10 PC or laptop. Plug in a 4K or HD camera, define and switch between your “regions of interest”, add graphics and multimedia, and stream the finished production, Live. It’s like having a control room in a laptop.

TelVue GoToAir can be used to cover live sports, community events, town meetings, graduations… the sky’s the limit! It’s portable, affordable, and easy to use.

If you have your own Windows 10 PC or laptop and want to kick the tires, why not download a free trial version of the application and see for yourself? Tech specs HERE.  User Manual HERE.


HyperCaster Breaks the Ice

September 14, 2016, 08:08 by dliu

Title screen from a TNI children’s series

The Arctic may seem a daunting place to many, but to Taqramiut Nipingat Inc (TNI), the Inuit regional broadcaster, it is an opportunity. More than that – it is a mandate. “We do things nobody else does,” explains Julie Grenier, TNI’s Production Director, “Documentaries about our people and our region’s culture, traditions and activities: like mussel-picking under the ice; Arctic Winter Games; educational children’s programming in our native language, Inuktitut.”

In fact 100% of TNI’s programming is produced in Inuktitut, the language of Nunavik (also known as Arctic Quebec). TNI produces more than 30 documentaries a year, including some that are broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).


TV production in the Arctic climate can be a challenge

TNI serves an audience of about 12,000 people, spread out over 14 communities that are so remote you can’t reach them by road. You have to fly – and from Montreal to TNI’s head office in Salluit the airfare alone can cost around $4,000. Logistics make communication challenging, but all the more essential.

“It was a huge investment, but every community is now connected,” Grenier says of the development of TNI’s operations. Known as the “Voice of the North”, TNI began in the mid-1970s with radio, and gradually expanded to TV. Because the network’s outer reaches are so remote, installation and repair of anything becomes that much harder, and far more expensive.

Thus began TNI’s search for an alternative to satellite transmission. The decision to switch over to IP was not without some hesitation. Internet is very limited in Nunavik. There is only one provider and the basic speed is 128kbps up and 512kbps down. Still, the initial transfer of radio broadcasts to IP has been a success, and TNI is turning its attention to TV over IP.

“We had to find a solution that would allow us to continue broadcasting without the crazy satellite costs,” says Grenier. TNI began testing IP broadcast in a single community, with the TelVue HyperCaster IP broadcast server and TelVue Connect cloud video management. Because of the remoteness of the network, the testing phase is still ongoing after two years. But Grenier is hopeful about expanding IP broadcast to the rest of the Nunavik communities by next March.

In the meantime, Grenier has her hands full developing partnerships, producing TNI’s Inuktitut-language content, and running what has to be one of the most unique broadcast operations in the world.


TelVue HyperCaster v5.5 is here, and we think you’re going to like the new features!

August 30, 2016, 08:26 by dliu
HyperCaster v5.5 direct upload to Connect

One-click upload to Connect/CloudCast

With HyperCaster v5.5 you can now upload video content directly from the HyperCaster to TelVue Connect/CloudCast VOD with a mouse click. The seamless integration with TelVue Connect/CloudCast™ means you can easily upload HyperCaster content to any of your TelVue Connect playlists, series, or categories, as well as map more of the metadata and view a VOD preview from the HyperCaster’s external schedule.

You will appreciate the new Playlist Randomization feature, which easily allows you to “shuffle” a HyperCaster video playlist — useful if you want to randomize the order of your video continuity playlist items.

HyperCaster v5.5 Virtual Trim

Virtual Trimming Tool

Virtual trimming of a video is much more visual with the new sliders in the preview player. Just high-speed scrub to the desired in and out points to customize the offset and duration of any video in your HyperCaster.

The HyperCaster v5.5 includes the ability to schedule playout and capture any local or Internet-based IP, RTMP or HLS video stream, expanding your live source options to include nearly everything streamed on the Internet.

For more excitement, please refer to the full release notes for full details on HyperCaster v5.5 enhancements.


TelVue Launches New Configurable Broadcast Server for Hyperlocal TV

August 17, 2016, 09:11 by dliu

Aug 17, 2016 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting for communities, cable operators, and media companies today unveiled the HyperCaster AIO (All-In-One), a broadcast server with the ultimate flexibility in Input/Output configuration.

HyperCaster AIO (All-In-One)

HyperCaster AIO (All-In-One)

The HyperCaster AIO is the first in TelVue’s highly successful HyperCaster Broadcast Server Series to include multiple, software configurable digital baseband (SDI) ports in a single server supporting playout, encoding and switching of live baseband video inputs. The HyperCaster AIO comes with up to twelve, auto-sensing SDI ports, and can handle format changes on the fly with built-in up/down/cross-conversion.

Coupled with the HyperCaster’s IP output, and StreamThru™ switching and capture capabilities, the SDI input/output features provide the best of both traditional SDI and modern IP workflows all in one box. The AIO can broadcast and record a variety of live sources including:

  • remote encoders on a LAN or backhauled over the Internet
  • networked programming feeds
  • RTMP and HLS streams
  • baseband digital video

The HyperCaster AIO’s built-in graphic overlay feature supports broadcast-quality news tickers, bugs, motion logos and snipes over all sources including both files and live with optional video squeeze-back.

The HyperCaster AIO supports an optional Simulcast feature that allows outputting HD and SD versions of the same channel on a pair of SDI ports. Both file and live sources are automatically converted as needed for each Simulcast path, eliminating the cost and complexity of file pre-processing, upstream and downstream conversion equipment.

“The HyperCaster AIO allows stations to customize a single box playback server that blends right in to existing baseband workflows, without sacrificing the HyperCaster’s modular architecture or advanced IP features that make it easy to scale both input and output channels in the future,” says TelVue President and CEO Jesse Lerman. “Additionally, the HyperCaster AIO is a great fit for Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Access operations that are such an important part of the community media ecosystem. Most PEG stations are still stuck with SD channels only on Cable, even though most of their programming sources are now in HD. This is a big frustration point for PEGs. The Simulcast feature coupled with TelVue CloudCast makes it easy to deliver channels in full HD for web and mobile viewing, and to TVs via popular OTT devices such as Roku and Apple TV, while still delivering to Cable in SD.”

The HyperCaster AIO sports two models:

  • The multi-channel HyperCaster AIO B2000 – a 2 rack unit box with up to 12 SDI ports with a mix of 5 simultaneous playback/encode channels, RAID 6 Storage, and redundant power supplies.
  • The single-channel HyperCaster AIO B100 – a 1 rack unit box with 4 SDI ports and 1 playback plus 1 encode channel.

Like all TelVue HyperCasters, the AIO models include a host of user-friendly features such as browser-based content management, easy scheduling tools, on-air graphics designer, multi-format HD/SD playback, and optional cloud video integration for content contribution, sharing, and streaming/OTT.

A live demonstration of the HyperCaster AIO will be featured at the upcoming Alliance for Community Media (ACM) National Conference in Boston, Aug 18-20.


Get Ready for OTT and Mobile Delivery

July 12, 2016, 13:51 by dliu

Interested in streaming your TV channels? This webinar is for you!
“Stream to OTT and Multiple Devices”
Thu, July 14 at 2pm ET
The future of video is streaming – not only to reach viewers on all kinds of devices, but also to reach the ever-growing OTT (Over-the-Top) market, which some predict will surpass the reach of broadcast by the Year 2020.

Learn how the all-new TelVue CloudCast can help you grow your audiences by making streaming easier: with browser-based content management, responsive video player, adaptive bitrate streaming to all devices, Roku and Apple TV apps, and integration with your broadcast workflow.