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Government Video Magazine Features TelVue Broadcaster

August 7, 2015, 13:58 by dliu

LongmeadowTraceyGovernment Video‘s latest issue features the Longmeadow TV (Massachusetts) HD upgrade, using the TelVue HyperCaster system:

Go Longmeadow TV!

Cloud-Hosted Government TV

December 3, 2014, 11:54 by dliu
NCCTV Studio Antonio Prado and Mike Hendry

Antonio Prado giving a studio tour to visiting high school media teacher Mike Hendry

As a relative newcomer to government video broadcasting, New Castle County in Delaware is not weighed down by legacy technology, and has been able to leapfrog into the future with a completely cloud-hosted linear broadcast channel.

“That sums up why TelVue is great,” enthused Antonio Prado, Director of Communications for New Castle.  “Our IT people saw the merit of not having any broadcast equipment in house.” With no need for a broadcast server at the headend, Prado and his staff can operate the New Castle County TV channel (NCCTV) from any Internet connection, because their channel is managed inside the TelVue Hosted Broadcasting Cloud.

How does it work? New Castle County TV runs off a Virtual TelVue HyperCaster®, which offers the user-friendly HyperCaster broadcast management interface without the need to maintain any broadcast hardware on site. Video content is uploaded through the Internet to TelVue ConnectTM – a content aggregation and management system – for direct distribution to the Virtual HyperCaster (VHC). Live studio output can be fed via IP encoder –> up to the public Internet –> to the VHC. Community message boards don’t even have to be uploaded, since they are generated directly in the cloud.TelVue Hosted Broadcasting Solution for New Castle DelawareIt then becomes a simple task to arrange these different elements into a 24/7 channel, using the HyperCaster’s built-in drag-and-drop scheduling, plus the IP StreamThruTM feature that allows a programmer to schedule and switch IP events right in the VHC interface.

TelVue takes care of delivering the final VHC output signal to Comcast and Verizon. “Our long relationship with Comcast and Verizon paved the way for their acceptance of this innovative form of peering,” explains Paul Andrews, TelVue’s Senior Vice-President for Sales and Marketing.

In addition, TelVue delivers the NCCTV live streaming channel to Internet viewers through the TelVue CloudCastTM service, so viewers can watch directly from a web player.  Prado is currently building up a video-on-demand library as well, which will become accessible through the same CloudCast player.

Prado says the feedback from their viewers has been good. “We’ve run features on local Polish and African-American festivals, a weekly message from the Governor, Department of Safety events, and some shorter pieces.”  The station also has access to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, a potential source of even more diverse programming.


NCCTV interview show with host Melody Kitchen

The migration to TelVue’s 100% Hosted Broadcasting solution began when New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon realized the government’s TV channel was not being used to its fullest potential.  Previously, NCCTV ran only bulletin boards.  Gordon realized the government could do a better job of reaching its constituents, and worked with Prado to build up enough local production capacity to be able to provide some real TV viewing to the NCCTV audience.

“There was a time this county had a local news channel and a PBS station, but no more,” says Prado, and the former newspaperman set about teaching himself everything he needed to know about video production, equipment, and studios. “My job was to realize Gordon’s vision.”  Job done.

Equipped for the Future

June 27, 2014, 09:26 by dliu

Station-of-the-month:  RETN/VCAM

CoopAs an Educational TV operation, RETN (Regional Educational Television Network) is constantly looking to stretch the traditional PEG mandate beyond the limitations of traditional TV technology. Along with partner station VCAM (Vermont Community Access Media), RETN has not only moved to HD, but is also fully integrating the Web in its video distribution strategy. “The tools are changing. It’s a paradigm shift, even though we haven’t strayed from our core mission,” says RETN Content Manager Drew Frazier.

The core mission for RETN and VCAM in Burlington, Vermont, would sound familiar to any PEG aficionado: “Community involvement. And trying to draw from 12 communities around Burlington all manner of program sharing. And educating the community on the use of new media tools.” So says Scott Campitelli, Executive Director of RETN and the driving force behind the station’s transition to modernity.

RETN/VCAM have the advantage of operating in a state where PEG stations are well-known, watched, and appreciated. Vermont has the greatest number of PEG channels per capita of any state in the U.S. – 27 access centers, running a total of 45 channels – in a state with no more than 700,000 residents. “Politicians come into our access centers. Local government officials and legislators know the local access organizations and community media centers,” Scott explains.

HD Upgrade

RETN and VCAM are fortunate to be distributing over a local telco – Burlington Telecom – which operates a Gig network and had not only the bandwidth, but also the vision to grant VCAM an HD channel, with RETN planning to work with BT for another HD channel soon. Read more …

Congrats, Folklorist!

June 11, 2014, 09:01 by dliu

Congratulations to the producer of Folklorist, for winning a 2014 Emmy for “Outstanding Historical Program”.  The Folklorist is a production of NewTV and is available for download and re-broadcast through the TelVue Connect Media Exchange. If your station does not yet have access to the Media Exchange, sign up now, and GET the BEST!

HD Conversion – A Tale of Many Channels

January 27, 2014, 15:18 by dliu

An Enviable Problem

A year ago, MetroEast Community Media had a problem that many fellow PEG stations would envy.



The channels it administers for the eastern region of Portland, Oregon, were going HD. The problem MetroEast now faced was: how best to handle the transition?

Technology decisions fall largely on David Elkin-Bram, MetroEast’s Chief Information Officer. CIO is a new title; one adopted from watching his bailiwick expand with the evolution of digital TV, and now encompassing audio and video production, networking, computer and server management, as well as scripting and programming.

The Complexity of Collaboration

Before the transition could begin, there were many factors to take into consideration. MetroEast Community Media is actually one hub in a collaboration of channels.

Read more …

Station of the Month: LexMedia – for taking PEG to HD

August 9, 2013, 11:05 by dliu

LexMediaLogoCongratulations to LexMedia for launching a brand new High-Definition (HD) channel! And kudos to RCN Boston for recognizing the value of locally-produced programming, and for being the first private cable system in Massachusetts to grant a PEG TV station an HD channel.

“It’s important for public access folks to be up in the HD tier,” says Tom Steel, RCN Vice President and Regulatory Counsel, who facilitated LexMedia’s HD request. “I’m happy we could accommodate them, and we’ll open it up for anybody who wants to follow that same route.” RCN is currently in seventeen communities in the Greater Boston area. Read more …

Station of the Month: Shrewsbury goes HD

April 24, 2013, 12:06 by dliu
Shrewsbury delivers three HD channels to its cable viewers.

Shrewsbury delivers three HD channels to its cable viewers.

Shrewsbury Media Connection (SMC) has the distinction of becoming the first access station in Massachusetts to deliver all three of their P,E, and G channels over their cable system in glorious HD. “Maybe the first HD cable access channels East of the Mississippi,” ventured Shrewsbury Executive Director, Bill Nay, “It’s amazing now.”

It helps that the Town of Shrewsbury (pop. around 35,000) operates the town’s only cable system, SELCO. Some time ago, Nay got assurances from SELCO that the Shrewsbury channels would have a place on the HD tier, and after some re-engineering and upgrading of equipment, they switched over to HD on Feb 28th.

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The Rutgers Channel Goes Global

February 27, 2013, 09:49 by dliu

The Rutgers Channel is now available as an Internet TV channel in the Roku store

The latest addition to the Roku channel listings is the Rutgers Channel, which showcases Rutgers University’s original TV programming.  The Rutgers Channel is just part of the operations of the RU-tv Network, which we feature here as our Station-of-the-Month.

With 40,434 students, the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University is as big as a moderately-sized American town.  Like many towns, it has its own television station.  But unlike a town, RU-tv is more than a station:  Rutgers University Television Network distributes seven local origination channels and a selection of nearly one hundred additional channels to the more than 16,000 students who live on campus.  That’s a lot of work.

We’re highlighting RU-tv as our station-of-the-month, not only because of the impressive scope of their work, but also because of their innovation.  Today’s global launch of  “The Rutgers Channel” on Roku, developed by TelVue and powered by TelVue CloudCast, is just the latest example of that.   Read more …

Sandwich TV: Our Station-of-the-Month

December 18, 2012, 16:06 by dliu

Sandwich Community TV is the epitome of a vital community media hub.

Consider how much the modest PEG station does for this historic town, located at the very beginning of the Cape Cod peninsula:

  • Operate the High School Media Center
  • Cover government meetings, and collaborate with their Selectmen to produce civics programming
  • Produce a wide range of public access programs, including talk shows, PSAs, and programs in coordination with other non-profits in the region
  • Feature local businesses, through close association with the chamber of commerce
  • Produce vignettes on Sandwich history, in cooperation with the local historical commission

Read more …

The Little Station That Could

November 20, 2012, 10:12 by dliu

WBMA’s Bob Duthaler in HD studio

In proving that you don’t have to wait to broadcast in HD,  WBMA-TV earns its place as our first “Station of the Month”.  Find out how WBMA-TV does it.  Register now for the next TelVue Webinar on How PEGs can Broadcast in HD.  Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 2pm.

WBMA-TV has always been the little station that could — a municipal station with a broad mandate to cover all aspects of community life: from government, to sports, cultural events, and news.  As a result, you’re just as likely to see a concert on their channel as an emergency weather alert, election results, a basketball game, or a press conference.  And in 2012, WBMA-TV became the first New Jersey PEG station to broadcast in HD – over the Internet.

Bob Duthaler, the station’s Executive Director, prides himself on keeping his station in the forefront of broadcast technology. That’s why he adopted TelVue’s HD/SD Simulcast System to show off his station’s high production values, while sending the required SD signal to the cable and telco carriers.  “We shoot a good portion of our programs on HD,” Duthaler explains, “But the biggest disappointment was not to be able to broadcast to our community in HD.”

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