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TelVue HyperCaster v5.5 is here, and we think you’re going to like the new features!

August 30, 2016, 08:26 by dliu
HyperCaster v5.5 direct upload to Connect

One-click upload to Connect/CloudCast

With HyperCaster v5.5 you can now upload video content directly from the HyperCaster to TelVue Connect/CloudCast VOD with a mouse click. The seamless integration with TelVue Connect/CloudCast™ means you can easily upload HyperCaster content to any of your TelVue Connect playlists, series, or categories, as well as map more of the metadata and view a VOD preview from the HyperCaster’s external schedule.

You will appreciate the new Playlist Randomization feature, which easily allows you to “shuffle” a HyperCaster video playlist — useful if you want to randomize the order of your video continuity playlist items.

HyperCaster v5.5 Virtual Trim

Virtual Trimming Tool

Virtual trimming of a video is much more visual with the new sliders in the preview player. Just high-speed scrub to the desired in and out points to customize the offset and duration of any video in your HyperCaster.

The HyperCaster v5.5 includes the ability to schedule playout and capture any local or Internet-based IP, RTMP or HLS video stream, expanding your live source options to include nearly everything streamed on the Internet.

For more excitement, please refer to the full release notes for full details on HyperCaster v5.5 enhancements.


Get Ready for OTT and Mobile Delivery

July 12, 2016, 13:51 by dliu

Interested in streaming your TV channels? This webinar is for you!
“Stream to OTT and Multiple Devices”
Thu, July 14 at 2pm ET
The future of video is streaming – not only to reach viewers on all kinds of devices, but also to reach the ever-growing OTT (Over-the-Top) market, which some predict will surpass the reach of broadcast by the Year 2020.

Learn how the all-new TelVue CloudCast can help you grow your audiences by making streaming easier: with browser-based content management, responsive video player, adaptive bitrate streaming to all devices, Roku and Apple TV apps, and integration with your broadcast workflow.


TelVue Launches new CloudCast™ v5.0 Adaptive Streaming & OTT Platform

April 14, 2016, 13:35 by dliu

Apr 14, 2016 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting for communities, cable operators, and media companies has created a feature-rich cloud platform for Live, Linear, and On-Demand video channel creation and adaptive streaming to Internet-connected devices of all sizes.  Read more …


Streaming and OTT Video with TelVue Connect

April 8, 2016, 07:14 by dliu

CChomepage (1)This week’s TelVue Connect 2.0 upgrade marks a significant milestone in the evolution of TelVue’s cloud video platform: TelVue Connect’s powerful Content Management System (CMS) has been integrated with a radically new version of TelVue CloudCast’s Live and VOD streaming, giving our customers access to an all-in-one video workflow that can manage both broadcast and streaming/OTT channels from a single unified platform.

All of the streaming management features previously in the CloudCast CMS have been ported into TelVue Connect, including an improved User Interface, User Experience, and numerous new features. TelVue Connect makes it a snap to manage your Live, Linear, and On-Demand streaming & OTT video channels with enhanced metadata, organization including Series, Playlists, Hierarchical Categories, Video Chapters/Indexing, and Related Links and Attachments. Uploading videos is as simple as drag and drop, with automatic transcoding to High-Definition, Adaptive Bit Rate streaming formats with Closed Captioning and audio normalization support. The TelVue Connect streaming & OTT management features integrate seamlessly with a brand new suite of TelVue CloudCast Videos Players – for Web, Mobile, and OTT.

The new CloudCast Video Player for Web & Mobile has been completely revamped in the process. First of all it is responsive, which means the elements on the page will rearrange themselves to fit the size of the viewer’s screen. That makes CloudCast equally easy to navigate on a mobile phone as a tablet or PC. Adaptive Bit Rate viewing for an optimal HD and screen-size experience is supported across all major platforms and operating systems. The player also allows casting videos to Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay devices.

In fact the CloudCast player is much more than just a viewing pane. It is really a complete video portal that displays all recently uploaded videos as well as Series and Playlists, along with a Search bar, tabs from which you can drill down into Videos, Series, Playlists, Categories and optional Banner Ads at the bottom.

The entire player, or any of its individual series, playlists, videos, chapters can be shared via URL, social media, or embedded in any website.

Better yet, you can also launch your channels on OTT platforms using the CloudCast TV Apps to effortlessly create HD channels on Roku and Apple TV, either with the same content and branding as your CloudCast Video Player channel, or an entirely unique set of content.

TelVue customers who are already using TelVue Connect in their broadcast workflow can now add the CloudCast Option to distribute the same videos to their Internet Streaming & OTT channels, bringing the concept of TV Everywhere within reach of even the most modest hyperlocal operation.

The features of the new Connect with CloudCast are too numerous to list here, but for a complete rundown please consult the TelVue Connect release notes, here.

A few days prior to this latest release, TelVue President and CEO Jesse Lerman gave an informal webinar tour of the new CloudCast features. Watch that recording, here.


C-NET Discovers Social Broadcasting

October 13, 2015, 13:29 by dliu

2013InternsSCPlanningAt the geographical center of Pennsylvania lies a unique consortium of government and educational institutions that have pooled their resources to fund C-NET, an access TV operation that serves a spread-out community.

C-NET is Centre County’s Government and Education Access Television Network. It administers a G and an E channel on Comcast and the smaller Windstream cable system, which together give C-NET a potential reach of 46,000 subscribers. The territory includes Penn State’s largest campus, surrounded by a fairly rural stretch of homes, many without cable TV service.

So when it came time to upgrade, C-NET was looking for – among other features – the ability to webstream in HD. They got that and much more with a complete overhaul to a TelVue system, including a HyperCaster broadcast server, CloudCast streaming, and the InfoVue digital signage system. Now C-NET can simulcast in SD to cable and HD to the web, reaching even more viewers via Roku set-top boxes. C-NET has embraced the era of social broadcasting — and were so happy with their new HyperCaster install, they tweeted it:
Executive Director Cynthia Hahn says: “My community is really thrilled that they can obtain embed codes, direct links, and can share programs on Facebook and Twitter. That means one of our partners can put a specific video on a local planning dept website, for example. They also love the fact that I can send them individual chapter points in a video. And I love having the reach of Roku available.”

80% of C-NET’s coverage is local meetings, some of them quite long.  The rest is comprised of Penn State lectures, festivals, forums, and roundtables. C-NET benefits from the ability to go live from any of 10 remote locations that can be switched through Comcast. Because they do not have a studio, nearly everything they do is field production, and that is staffed with a steady supply of interns from Penn State who rotate through and get college credit for working at the station. ”They work with us, learn to troubleshoot, and get professional experience.  That relationship with Penn State is very valuable,” says Hahn.

Interns at Arts Fest 2012_2

Hahn admits she is not a “tech person”, but feels that gives her more of a chance to focus on what her community really wants. When Hahn researched the upgrade of C-NET’s broadcast system, her primary consideration was to go with “a vendor that was always forward-thinking, that says ‘you need to get ready to do this’. That’s been my impression of TelVue for many many years.  If something was going to come down the pike, it was going to come from TelVue first. I wanted that.”

“TelVue products and services are in constant development,” explains TelVue President Jesse Lerman. “From our first, pioneering channel-in-a-box playback system, to IP workflows and cloud-based broadcast file sharing, TelVue takes pride in being a PEG broadcast technology innovator. We are pleased to be able make cutting edge technologies easily accessible and easy to use for our customers.”


TelVue® CloudCastTM is Roku® Broadcaster for Triple Crown Bid

June 5, 2015, 15:06 by dliu

May 28, 2015 (Mt. Laurel, NJ) – On Saturday June 6th, the thoroughbred horse racing phenom American Pharoah makes his historic bid for a Triple Crown title. And for the second year, TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE) will be Internet broadcasting the spectacle in crystal clear 1080p HD.   This live HD Over-The-Top (OTT) broadcast of horse racing’s third jewel in the crown, the Belmont Stakes, is available exclusively to the New York Racing Association’s (NYRA) Rewards members.

“TelVue’s video streaming technology opens up our racing events to a much larger potential audience,” explains Tom Thill, NYRA’s VP and Chief Information Officer. “NYRA Rewards members who can’t make it to the track are thrilled to be able to watch and wager on the races – live over the Internet.”

The NYRA Rewards’ Roku® TV channel gives members daily access to 1080p HD live and replay video streams of important races from more than 150 race tracks. The first weekend in June all eyes will be on Belmont Park again, where the odds-on favorite American Pharoah tries to become the first thoroughbred since 1978 to win the sport’s most elusive and prestigious title.

“TelVue is pleased to support NYRA in bringing this important race to the living rooms of NYRA Rewards members,” says TelVue Senior Vice President Paul Andrews. “Our low latency, secure, and encrypted Roku OTT video streaming solutions are ideal for broadcasting high value live sports action to fans wherever they are.”

TelVue provides the live and better-than-broadcast TV, 1080p HD streaming solution for all NYRA members with a NYRA Rewards account and a Roku Internet Streaming account.


Another TelVue-powered Roku Channel

July 31, 2014, 08:21 by dliu
Atheist TV in the Roku Channel Store

Atheist TV in the Roku Channel Store

Whether PEG, sports, religious, or non-religious – TelVue is powering all sorts of new TV channels on the Roku platform.  The latest addition is Atheist TV, which launched this week with a good amount of publicity.

Atheist TV is a production of American Atheists, a group that describes its mission as “promoting the separation of state and church”.

Like many of the other Roku channels developed by TelVue, Atheist TV’s content can be viewed as both a live streaming channel and video-on-demand.  Atheist TV is powered by TelVue’s Hosted Broadcasting service, which allows media companies to manage a broadcast or Internet channel through a simple browser-based interface.  Subscription is free through the Roku Channel Store.


Equipped for the Future

June 27, 2014, 09:26 by dliu

Station-of-the-month:  RETN/VCAM

CoopAs an Educational TV operation, RETN (Regional Educational Television Network) is constantly looking to stretch the traditional PEG mandate beyond the limitations of traditional TV technology. Along with partner station VCAM (Vermont Community Access Media), RETN has not only moved to HD, but is also fully integrating the Web in its video distribution strategy. “The tools are changing. It’s a paradigm shift, even though we haven’t strayed from our core mission,” says RETN Content Manager Drew Frazier.

The core mission for RETN and VCAM in Burlington, Vermont, would sound familiar to any PEG aficionado: “Community involvement. And trying to draw from 12 communities around Burlington all manner of program sharing. And educating the community on the use of new media tools.” So says Scott Campitelli, Executive Director of RETN and the driving force behind the station’s transition to modernity.

RETN/VCAM have the advantage of operating in a state where PEG stations are well-known, watched, and appreciated. Vermont has the greatest number of PEG channels per capita of any state in the U.S. – 27 access centers, running a total of 45 channels – in a state with no more than 700,000 residents. “Politicians come into our access centers. Local government officials and legislators know the local access organizations and community media centers,” Scott explains.

HD Upgrade

RETN and VCAM are fortunate to be distributing over a local telco – Burlington Telecom – which operates a Gig network and had not only the bandwidth, but also the vision to grant VCAM an HD channel, with RETN planning to work with BT for another HD channel soon. Read more …


A Facebook App for CloudCast

June 2, 2014, 09:58 by dliu

You can now integrate the TelVue CloudCast™ player as a top-level feature of your organization’s Facebook page, as shown here in the AMGTV Facebook page:

AMGTV Facebook Page

While you can always use the “share” icon to embed individual CloudCast videos as Facebook posts, this new way of adding the CloudCast app as a tab on your Facebook page keeps your CloudCast player right at the top of your Facebook page, alongside default FB tabs such as “photos” and “likes”.

See the CloudCast User Manual for step-by-step instructions for adding the CloudCast app and customizing your Facebook tab.


Improving the CloudCast API

April 25, 2014, 11:41 by dliu

The CloudCast MRSS API has been extended to include the ability to limit the MRSS feed to a pre-determined number of recent videos.  This was done to reduce the time to query recent items using the CloudCast MRSS API for users with a large number of videos.

You can now limit the number of returned videos by specifying a query string parameter “recent“:[YOUR USERNAME].xml?recent=100

This will show the 100 most recent videos added to your account.  (More information on how to use the CloudCast API is available here.)

You can see the feature in action on these Community Media and PEG Station sites using Drupal integrated with TelVue CloudCast: and