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TelVue HyperCaster v5.5 is here, and we think you’re going to like the new features!

August 30, 2016, 08:26 by dliu
HyperCaster v5.5 direct upload to Connect

One-click upload to Connect/CloudCast

With HyperCaster v5.5 you can now upload video content directly from the HyperCaster to TelVue Connect/CloudCast VOD with a mouse click. The seamless integration with TelVue Connect/CloudCast™ means you can easily upload HyperCaster content to any of your TelVue Connect playlists, series, or categories, as well as map more of the metadata and view a VOD preview from the HyperCaster’s external schedule.

You will appreciate the new Playlist Randomization feature, which easily allows you to “shuffle” a HyperCaster video playlist — useful if you want to randomize the order of your video continuity playlist items.

HyperCaster v5.5 Virtual Trim

Virtual Trimming Tool

Virtual trimming of a video is much more visual with the new sliders in the preview player. Just high-speed scrub to the desired in and out points to customize the offset and duration of any video in your HyperCaster.

The HyperCaster v5.5 includes the ability to schedule playout and capture any local or Internet-based IP, RTMP or HLS video stream, expanding your live source options to include nearly everything streamed on the Internet.

For more excitement, please refer to the full release notes for full details on HyperCaster v5.5 enhancements.


TelVue Launches new CloudCast™ v5.0 Adaptive Streaming & OTT Platform

April 14, 2016, 13:35 by dliu

Apr 14, 2016 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting for communities, cable operators, and media companies has created a feature-rich cloud platform for Live, Linear, and On-Demand video channel creation and adaptive streaming to Internet-connected devices of all sizes.  Read more …


Streaming and OTT Video with TelVue Connect

April 8, 2016, 07:14 by dliu

CChomepage (1)This week’s TelVue Connect 2.0 upgrade marks a significant milestone in the evolution of TelVue’s cloud video platform: TelVue Connect’s powerful Content Management System (CMS) has been integrated with a radically new version of TelVue CloudCast’s Live and VOD streaming, giving our customers access to an all-in-one video workflow that can manage both broadcast and streaming/OTT channels from a single unified platform.

All of the streaming management features previously in the CloudCast CMS have been ported into TelVue Connect, including an improved User Interface, User Experience, and numerous new features. TelVue Connect makes it a snap to manage your Live, Linear, and On-Demand streaming & OTT video channels with enhanced metadata, organization including Series, Playlists, Hierarchical Categories, Video Chapters/Indexing, and Related Links and Attachments. Uploading videos is as simple as drag and drop, with automatic transcoding to High-Definition, Adaptive Bit Rate streaming formats with Closed Captioning and audio normalization support. The TelVue Connect streaming & OTT management features integrate seamlessly with a brand new suite of TelVue CloudCast Videos Players – for Web, Mobile, and OTT.

The new CloudCast Video Player for Web & Mobile has been completely revamped in the process. First of all it is responsive, which means the elements on the page will rearrange themselves to fit the size of the viewer’s screen. That makes CloudCast equally easy to navigate on a mobile phone as a tablet or PC. Adaptive Bit Rate viewing for an optimal HD and screen-size experience is supported across all major platforms and operating systems. The player also allows casting videos to Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay devices.

In fact the CloudCast player is much more than just a viewing pane. It is really a complete video portal that displays all recently uploaded videos as well as Series and Playlists, along with a Search bar, tabs from which you can drill down into Videos, Series, Playlists, Categories and optional Banner Ads at the bottom.

The entire player, or any of its individual series, playlists, videos, chapters can be shared via URL, social media, or embedded in any website.

Better yet, you can also launch your channels on OTT platforms using the CloudCast TV Apps to effortlessly create HD channels on Roku and Apple TV, either with the same content and branding as your CloudCast Video Player channel, or an entirely unique set of content.

TelVue customers who are already using TelVue Connect in their broadcast workflow can now add the CloudCast Option to distribute the same videos to their Internet Streaming & OTT channels, bringing the concept of TV Everywhere within reach of even the most modest hyperlocal operation.

The features of the new Connect with CloudCast are too numerous to list here, but for a complete rundown please consult the TelVue Connect release notes, here.

A few days prior to this latest release, TelVue President and CEO Jesse Lerman gave an informal webinar tour of the new CloudCast features. Watch that recording, here.


Media Exchange and Open Government

March 24, 2016, 15:22 by dliu

MassGovtSome time ago Massachusetts policymakers, frustrated by the 30-second soundbite on the evening news, started looking for a better way to reach their constituents. Around the same time, PBS coverage of government events was on the decline, due to funding shortfalls.

So the Massachusetts House of Representatives took matters into its own hands and started a media department dedicated to recording legislative sessions, hearings and press conferences. These recordings could be seen on the House website, or on any PEG station that asked the House to send them a copy. But there was a problem. The only means of distribution, back in the day, was sending a DVD by snail mail.

MassHouseBcastDonald Coleman, Dir. of House Broadcast Services, describes the conundrum: “There wasn’t a time or cost-efficient way of distributing content to PEG at the time. It wasn’t until we became aware of TelVue and Mass Media eXchange that there seemed to be a real solution to our dilemma.” The Governor’s office was thinking the same thing, and before too long, both had signed up to the Mass Media eXchange (MMX), a digital program-sharing “private group” managed by Mass Access on the TelVue Connect cloud-based video platform. Now they have immediate access to the Mass Access coalition of more than a hundred PEG stations across the state.

Read more …


Democracy Now! in HD and SD via Media Exchange

February 29, 2016, 11:47 by dliu

There are now two options – SD and HD – for licensing Democracy Now! as a series in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange.

License the SD Series here:
LIcense the HD Series here:

You can also license Democracy Now! episodes individually, but if you plan on broadcasting them on a regular basis, the Series licensing is much more efficient. It allows for automatic transfer to your TelVue Connect Media Library every day, along with email notifications and the ability – with a Connect Pro account – to automatically upload to a TBD series in your TelVue HyperCaster.

If you don’t yet have a Media Exchange account and would like one, ask us!


New to the Media Exchange: One-hour special on Opioid Addiction in the U.S.

December 11, 2015, 11:10 by dliu

AmericaWorldA one-hour special on America’s Opioid Epidemic has recently become available for download from the TelVue Connect Media Exchange.

The program is produced by Media Exchange Syndicator “This is America & the World”, which broadcasts also on PBS. Producer Jake Cregger says: “We feel this program is very helpful to many people struggling with addiction or struggling to understand addiction. Thus we are eager to make it available to as many people as possible, and PEG stations are an excellent tool to help with outreach of this sort of content.”

Program description: “Opioid and heroin addiction and overdose deaths are rising at an alarming rate. On this special program, Michael Botticelli, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy speaks with host Dennis Wholey about prescription drug and heroin addiction and warning signs for family members. The brief Botticelli interview is followed by a roundtable discussion with four medical experts about the past year’s 23,000 opioid deaths as well as addiction and treatment.

The program can be previewed and licensed from the Media Exchange.

If you don’t already have a free Media Exchange account, ask us for one. You’ll find a lot of other free programming in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, like Deutsche Welle, Democracy Now!, National Science Foundation educational videos, Ad Council PSAs, and many local and regional TV programs of a wide variety of styles and topics.


Welcome Deutsche Welle!

December 4, 2015, 12:31 by dliu

DWMediaXDeutsche Welle – one of the world’s largest public broadcasters – has begun uploading five new weekly series to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange. DW has cherry-picked some of its most compelling news and feature magazines on current affairs, culture, science, environment and health issues. Media Exchange members will be able to preview shows through the TelVue Connect interface, and after signing Deutsche Welle’s one-time licensing agreement, download these programs – at no cost – for re-broadcast. TelVue Connect automatically converts the downloads to match each station’s broadcast format needs. Because many of the programs have news value, all programs must be used within 7 days of their Monday postings. A new show will be available each week.

Fans of DW’s English-language programming are familiar with the German public broadcaster’s rich variety of programs – including news, documentaries and weekly feature shows such as “Focus on Europe”, “Global 3000” and more. These programs will be organized in the Media Exchange as Series, so that subscribers can get automatic notifications whenever a new episode is added.

Deutsche Welle USA is hoping for your feedback to evaluate this program exchange workflow over the next few weeks and will be making technical adjustments based on user feedback between now and January 1.  Please contact Greg Fitzgerald in Boston at with any technical and program issues or questions.

If you need a Media Exchange account, submit this request form to TelVue and you will have access to hundreds of freely-available programs from a growing collection of publicly-minded syndicators.


Global Connections in the Media Exchange

April 22, 2015, 08:44 by dliu
Global Connections interviews anthropologist Jane Goodall

Global Connections interviews anthropologist Jane Goodall

A unique program that airs on United Nations TV , New York City and global media outlets is now available to PEG stations for re-broadcast. Global Connections Television has just joined the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, and uploaded 25 episodes of a half-hour talk show that features UN representatives, academics, international relations specialists, private sector CEOs and NGO leaders.

Global Connections TV founder and host Bill Miller says his interviews focus on how international issues impact people on a local level, and the ways in which the UN and other groups are helping to create a better world.

Topics range from global peacekeeping, aid and education projects, economic and social development, human rights, to youth and cultural programs.

Here is your chance to make global, local. Download Global Connections for re-broadcast to your community. Better yet, if you subscribe to Global Connections as a Series in the Media Exchange (login required to view), each new episode that is added will automatically show up in your TelVue Connect Media Library.

If you don’t already have a free Media Exchange account, ask us for one. You’ll find a lot of other free programming in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, like Democracy Now!, National Science Foundation educational videos, Ad Council PSAs, and many local and regional TV programs of a wide variety of styles and topics.


HyperCaster, ProVue and Connect Upgrades

March 23, 2015, 11:26 by dliu

HC v5.1 media page is simpler, clearer

The TelVue Development Team has wrapped up a lot of work in the past week, bringing some important new features to the HyperCaster platform, and laying the groundwork for some big changes ahead for our cloud-based video streaming solutions.

Top among the new features of HyperCaster v5.1:

  • Capture multiple IP inputs simultaneously (with the proper IP Capture licenses) for later replay.
  • Continuity Timeshift allows you to delay a continuity stream by a configurable amount of time. Requires a Timeshift license.
  • A new Video auto-fade option for the HyperCaster v5.1-ProVue v2.5 combination allows you to add a video transition of up to 1s between playouts.
  • Combined content “show” and “edit” pages into one, for a much nicer UI for content edit

The complete listing of features and fixes in HyperCaster v5.1 is available here; and look here for ProVue v2.5 release notes.

In addition, the latest TelVue Connect release (v1.8) is a big step toward the future integration of our Connect and CloudCast platforms. What this will mean for the TelVue user is a single cloud-based portal for video aggregation, transcoding, media exchange program sharing, and adaptive bitrate VOD and live streaming. All under one application and workflow. The TelVue Connect adaptive bitrate VOD and streaming feature is still in Beta, but stayed tuned for the official release, later this Spring!


Mission Critical Health Series

March 10, 2015, 08:49 by dliu
"Mission Critical" is a new health series in the Media Exchange

“Mission Critical” is a new health series in the Media Exchange

The TelVue Connect Media Exchange is pleased to welcome the addition of a new collection of highly-produced public health videos, courtesy of Mission Critical Health. The series’ Executive Producer David Holden explains: “We work to educate patients about lifestyle choices, healthcare choices, and to educate professionals about new research.”

It’s a broad mandate that leads to a diverse selection of subject matter.  Recent uploads to the Media Exchange range from PSAs on drowning prevention, to a collection of reports from Mission Critical’s Host and Clinical Editor, Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla.

“Our goal is to produce trusted content”, Holden adds, “Educational reports on health that are based on peer-reviewed work and evidence-based research.” Mission Critical Health is produced by the Capital Media Group, in association with the Preventive Medicine Task Force – a non-profit, national public health initiative. Up to now they have been primarily a content provider to hospital systems and doctor’s offices, but are looking to extend their audience in order to help bridge communications between hospitals, doctors, and patients.

Coming up? Look for pieces on the health effects of marijuana, and how women’s shoe styles impact foot health.  We told you the subject matter was diverse…