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“We were saying the future was cloud-based playout. So we were really happy when we found TelVue. And now that’s where the industry went. TelVue was incredibly ahead of its time, and well-priced for the industry.”

Guy Tasaka, Chief Digital Officer, Calkins Media

“TelVue’s service and knowledge base were phenomenal. They’re the experts.”

Scott Sayger, Director, RTCtv (Rochester Telephone Company, Rochester, Indiana)

“If you don’t have an engineer, it’s important to work with a company that’s friendly to people of all skill sets. The TelVue staff are the best at translating complicated engineering concepts for lay people like me.”

April Cummings, Cayman Life TV

“There wasn’t a time or cost-efficient way of distributing content to PEG at the time. It wasn’t until we became aware of TelVue and Mass Media eXchange that there seemed to be a real solution to our dilemma.”

Donald Coleman, Dir. of House Broadcast Services, Massachusetts House of Representatives

“We want to be different. That’s what TelVue allows us to do – interface and bring local content to our viewers. That’s the biggest thing we have… It opens up opportunities we haven’t had until now. This is going to change the game!”

Jim Costello, CEO, Lemonweir Valley Telcom

“A vendor that is always forward-thinking, that says ‘you need to get ready to do this’. That’s been my impression of TelVue for many many years. If something was going to come down the pike, it was going to come from TelVue first. I wanted that.”

Cynthia Hahn, Executive Director, C-NET (Centre County, PA)

“LCTV was looking to go HD and needed to output four channels with a mix of SD and HD. Being a public access station, cost is always a big concern and there was a strict budget to accomplish the move. Fortunately, TelVue’s B1000 HyperCaster offered the functionality LCTV needed, at the right price point.”

Tracey Durant, Project Coordinator, Longmeadow Community TV as published in Government Video, July/Aug 2015 article, “Longmeadow TV Blazes HD Trail for Comcast PEGs”

“TelVue’s video streaming technology opens up our racing events to a much larger potential audience. NYRA Rewards members who can’t make it to the track are thrilled to be able to watch and wager on the races – live over the Internet.”

Tom Thill, VP and Chief Information Officer, New York Racing Association

“We wanted to upgrade to HD in a way that gave us flexibility in the future. TelVue’s HyperCaster system gives us modern workflows, enhanced on-air graphics capabilities, and can easily be scaled up when we expand our channel offerings.”

Gretjen Clausing, Executive Director, PhillyCam

“I really like your solutions since they are so k12-friendly, hosted, and up-to-date.”

Chuck King
Manager of Network Services
Desert Sands Unified School District

Commenting on TelVue® CloudCast, “Everyone loves the VOD service!!”

Creig Twilley
Director, PAC 14

I would just like to say that TelVue is one of the best companies I’ve EVER worked with. As the “new hire” here at CTM, I’ve been spending a LOT of TelVue’s tech support time and they are absolutely fantastic. Every question I’ve had they have patiently answered and really helped us out! (And I do feel a little bad as to how much time I have taken…) Thanks TelVue Corporation!!

Chelmsford TV

We also use the Telvue Server and LOVE it. The tech support is AMAZING! The VOD player is relatively customizable, and we have had only a handful of minor glitches since I have been here, 3 years. I would HIGHLY recommend it. I would suggest going to a center near you who is running it and asking for demo. Or just contact Telvue and ask them to hook you up with someone who could show you the demo in another access center. By doing that you can ask the people who are using it questions as they come up. Good luck!

Lindsay Alaimo
Satisfied PEG Manager/CCTV

I have been very pleased with TelVue’s responsiveness in our first year as a customer.  Thanks!

Jeff Hamilton
Executive Director/TelVue User in IL

Getting timely information on and off the air is extremely convenient and efficient and more importantly, we now have the capability of immediately broadcasting emergency information. The fact that we can do this remotely is an added bonus.”

Adriene M. Irving
Director of Communications
Chester, PA

Through our partnership with TelVue, Westfield TV36 continues to raise the bar in local access television with product branding and creative resources.”

Jamie Lynn Drohan
Director of Operations
Westfield TV 36

Often when entering into efforts such as this, or any that involves technology and computer programming, it has been my experience that our expectations and the actual implementation are at odds. Refreshingly, working with TelVue on implementation and continued development of our government access channel has exceeded our expectations. The program’s ease of use is wonderful and TelVue staff is always professional and highly responsive to requests.”

Carol S. Houck
City Manager
Newark, DE

The City of Weston has contracted with TelVue for government access cable channel programming since 2006. I would like to say that the transition for us to a web-based system has been a tremendous benefit. Updates and emergency messages can be sent from a computer at any location and I can tell you I utilize this advantage consistently.”

Denise Barrett
Director of Communications
Weston, FL

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