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Reach your students and faculty on any viewing device. Reach parents, alumni, and the rest of the world, with CampusOneHD™ the most affordable high definition (HD) campus television broadcast platform.

Live, Linear and Video-on-Demand – in HD or SD

TelVue’s CampusOneHD platform is a cost-effective, hassle-free way to run a high quality, professional-looking 24/7 campus broadcast system. Convert your campus video delivery to an IP broadcast system that reaches multiple devices with Live, Linear and Video-on-Demand – in HD or SD.

CampusOneHD makes it easy and affordable for colleges and universities to broadcast sports, live addresses, concert series, graduation ceremonies, theatrical productions, and other on-campus events in brilliant HD quality.

Multi-screen video solutions

Need multi-screen video solutions for your students and faculty? TelVue can help you stream live and video-on-demand to iDevices, Android, Over-the-Top, social media, websites, and traditional TV.

CampusOneHD empowers students with a unique, media-rich voice through student broadcast, supports integrated tele-learning, improves campus outreach and communication between administration, faculty and students, and powers advanced Life Safety communications to students and faculty.

Components and features

  • CampusOneHD IP Server broadcasts standard or high definition video programming.
  • Cloud-based aggregation and transcoding makes it easier to collect video content from anywhere on campus, or from multiple campuses, through any Internet connection, and automatically convert it to broadcast-quality standards.
  • The easy-to-use Content Management System is student-friendly because both new and experienced operators can schedule a full day of programming in just a few minutes.

Currently TelVue solutions provide video to more than one million students in every state, with more institutions being added monthly.


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Brookdale Community College
Duke University
Mercer County Community College
Princeton University
Yale University
Purdue University