Hosted Broadcast for Media Companies

Cost Effective, Hosted Broadcast Solutions For Traditional & IP Broadcasting
TelVue® Hosted Broadcast™ frees capital and resources by allowing you to manage all aspects of creation and operation of a linear channel in the cloud. Whether your channel is destined for Internet streaming, high quality TV viewing through Roku or a similar home appliance, or for carriage on cable or satellite, TelVue Hosted Broadcast handles the entire workflow from ingest to transcoding, assignment of metadata, scheduling, management and hands-off CDN distribution. You can now get “on air” faster with the elimination of equipment compatibility and long-term technology trade-offs. You can save your capital budget for content, audience development and monetization of viewership. And you can do all this with a broadband connection and browser from anywhere in the world that puts you in full control through our professional application developed for ease of workflow. TelVue Hosted Broadcast uses TelVue® Connect™ for content ingest, management and scheduling, providing security and flexibility through user management that provides a full range of authorization roles. Contributors can be limited by time slot, and restricted by asset access, and transcoding automated with a range of preview and alert options. TelVue CloudCast will reliably broadcast through our top CDNs where we are able to pass along volume discounts to all of our customers. Over-The-Top, Internet streaming or traditional hand-off to MSOs and satellite operators - all are done to meet or exceed pro standards in SD or HD, or calibrated as you wish for your broadcast environment.  
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Cloud-Based Ingest

For Internet Video Streams, Over-The-Top, Lease Access

  • Supports Live & Video On Demand
  • All Source Formats Supported
  • Remote Contributor Content Upload
  • Flexible Authorization / Moderation Scheme
  • Automated Transcoding to CableLabs® Format
  • Moderated Contribution Workflow
  • Secure Online Archive


Professional Grade, Cloud-Based Origination

  • End-To-End Native IP
  • Supports All Device Types
  • CableLabs® SD/HD, HLS, Flash ABR
  • Savings On Equipment, Staffing & Facilities
  • One End-To-End Vendor
  • Professional Cable Broadcast Technology


TelVue Takes Your Broadcasts To Your Various Destinations

  • Supports Live & Video On Demand
  • Supports All Video Formats To Cable Infrastructure
  • Internet Streamed
  • Over-The-Top To Roku®, Other SD / HD TVs Via CDN
  • HLS to Tablet Or Smartphones
  • Full Suite Of Analytics For Monetization
  • Bandwidth Economies
  • One End-To-End Vendor