TelVue® CloudCast™ for Streaming Video

Stream Your Programs over the Internet

TelVue CloudCast is a hosted broadcasting solution that streams your video over the Internet to multiple screens, without taxing your organization’s bandwidth.

TelVue CloudCast can help you reach new audiences with streaming video, whether they are using smartphones, computers, or large-screen cable- and/or Internet-connected Set Top Boxes (like Roku®). TelVue CloudCast handles both live and VOD programming, with a player that adapts to both SD and HD.

TelVue CloudCast integrates with an embeddable player for both live and VOD Internet delivery that integrates right into your own website. The player bolsters your organization’s branding with logo placement, color palette selection, and click-through banner rotations.  The CloudCast streaming video player includes social media functions such as embed code, unique URL, Facebook and Twitter integration, deep Google Analytics integration, and the ability to resize the play area.

With TelVue CloudCast, you don’t need to constantly update your website to include videos. Simply integrate the TelVue CloudCast player link or embed the player on your website, then upload and manage videos through our easy-to-use Content Management System.



The TelVue CloudCast player is equipped with powerful features like: HD and SD compatibility, enhanced navigation for video chapter support, keyword search to easily find specific video content, banner ad management and hosted or hyperlinked files to name a few.

If you already have a TelVue Princeton® Series server in your facility, you can tightly integrate the server’s broadcast quality, MPEG-2 content files with TelVue CloudCast via TelVue® Turbo™ Workflow Accelerator (for VOD), or TelVue® TeleCast™ (for Live).

Whether you are looking to stream your channel or events live, launch a VOD service, or replace an over-priced video content archive solution, call now to learn more about TelVue CloudCast, or contact


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CloudCast Video Tour

CloudCast Video Tour

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Ask us how to get a Roku® Channel with CloudCast.

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