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When you watch an event, your eye naturally moves from one region of interest to the next. What if your video production system could do the same?

AxisCameraTelVue GoToAir™ provides you multiple views from a single camera.

GoToAir processes the output of a single HD or 4K Ultra HD camera into multiple easily-defined Regions of Interest, creating a virtual Pan / Tilt / Zoom experience without an expensive motorized PTZ camera.

Switch between “Regions of Interest”

Using an HD or 4K Ultra HD IP camera and a PC, a single operator can switch between zones within the scene, create a picture-in-picture (PIP) display, add graphics and live narration, broadcast the mix and “GoToAir” on TV, Cable or the Internet.

Baseball Pitch

GoToAir enhances any single-camera sporting event or town council meeting into something that looks like a multi-camera shoot.

If you have several cameras, GoToAir can be a force multiplier, using each camera as a source of many viewpoints. Split up any scene into regions of interest that you define, and then use each zone as a separate incoming source. It’s a great way to zoom in on the people and moments that stand out at any event.

All this, with a single operator!

Emulate multiple cameras with the power of a single high-def camera. Add scoring graphics.  At a fraction of the cost of the average full-blown sports production system.

The best way to watch an event is from many viewpoints.

Show them all, with TelVue GoToAir.

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