GoToAir Technical Specifications

Technical Requirements



Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: i7 (2nd Gen and above) 2.40 GHz


Graphics: nVidia GPU graphic card or chip set required for H.264 support

Machine: Laptop or desktop

Input devices: Keyboard, mouse and Joystick

Browser: Chrome

Internet: IIS Express server comes with the GoToAir software and will be configured at installation.

Online streaming service:

  • CloudCast
  • YouTube
  • Wowza

Camera recommendations

TelVue GoToAir is compatible with most SD / HD and 4K IP Cameras that support H.264 or MJPEG video encoding. You should choose the type of camera based on the kind of events you plan to cover with TelVue GoToAir, such as:

  • Fixed HD or 4K cameras over a sports field or event venue
  • Panoramic camera for a panel discussion or wide shot
  • UVC-compatible HD webcams
  • Regular HD camcorders with optional HDMI-to-USB 3.0 adapter

The following is a list of cameras that have tested well with TelVue GoToAir Director:

USB Webcams:

  • Logitech C910
  • Logitech C920
  • Logitech C930
  • PanaCast 2 (Ultra-wide Angle (180 deg) 4K)

IP Cameras:

  • Axis P1357
  • Axis 4K 1428-E
  • Axis P5534 (Mechanical PTZ w/ optical zoom)
  • Most Axis IP cameras supporting H.264 and MJPEG


  • PC built-in front webcam
  • Other video cameras might work with GoToAir with an additional adapter. For example, a camera with HDMI output could be connected to GoToAir with a Magewell HDMI to USB 3.0 / 1080p converter.

(Please note: The GoToAir Replay option currently works only with IP cameras.)

A TelVue representative can help you verify that your camera is compatible with GoToAir.

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