GoToAir User Manual

TelVue GoToAir is an application used for live streaming of games and other types of events. Connect to the output of a high-definition camera, highlight the zones you want to broadcast, add live production details such as animations, scoring, themes, titles, logos and much more, and take the finished broadcast to air.

How GoToAir Works


GoToAir Components

Software applications:

  • GoToAir Director is a PC-based application that gives you the tools for multi-view broadcast, with the ability to add videos, images, transitions, and on-air graphics. Stream the output live or record for later use.
  • GoToAir Media Studio handles the multimedia files used by GoToAir Director. You would only need to open the GoToAir Media Studio application directly if you want to:
    • Pre-produce media and graphics
    • Create new Picture-in-Picture templates
    • Allow access to the media library and scoreboard control from a remote device
  • GoToAir Replay is an option that allows a second operator on a laptop to trigger instant replays in the course of a game.

Hardware requirements:

  • One or more HD or UHD cameras
  • Input devices: keyboard, mouse, joystick
  • A PC or laptop for GoToAir Director and Media Studio
  • (The GoToAir Replay option would require a second laptop)