IP Broadcast with the TelVue HyperCaster®

TelVue HyperCaster Series

The TelVue HyperCaster Series is the hassle-free, low-cost way to launch a high quality professional looking 24×7 digital television channel within minutes of un-packing. We’ve engineered the TelVue HyperCaster with simplicity and reliability in mind through our use of Linux open source technology, plus our proprietary real time video and application software.

B1000 HyperCaster IP Broadcast Server

B1000 HyperCaster IP Broadcast Server

B100 IP Broadcast Server

B100 IP Broadcast Server

The B1000 HyperCaster can provide IP origination for up to twenty independent digital broadcast channels, while the B100 HyperCaster can provide IP origination for up to four independent digital broadcast channels.

Additionally, the HyperCaster supports optional integrated decoding for SD/HD baseband output, with per channel branding and text crawl. Choose from SD/HD-SDI, or Analog/HDMI options.

The HyperCaster Series is perfect for applications such as local origination, leased access, PEG channels or longform advertising. The server supports MPEG-2 Transport with MPEG-2 and optional H.264 video codecs in standard or high definition formats, including CableLabs® and ATSC. The unit’s native IP over Gigabit Ethernet interface can be easily integrated with any copper or fiber IP network architecture. The output can also be used by industry standard IP-to- QAM modulators.

The IP origination capability of the server enables file-based work flows and all-digital outputs; eliminating costly, per channel real-time encoders while maintaining your content’s original quality. The browser-based content management and broadcast automation application includes categorization, search, and powerful drag-and-drop scheduling. Content is ingested via simple drag and drop. The server can publish a searchable program guide for your website or provide schedule data to 3rd party guide services.

The TelVue HyperCaster Series supports PID remapping and IP StreamThru that allows seamless switching between files on hard drive and live network streams. The IP StreamThru™  feature allows the server to double as an IP switcher enabling the HyperCaster to rebroadcast another IP video stream either on schedule or as default continuity. The native MPEG-2 Transport capability allows the TelVue HyperCaster Series to integrate with existing digital ad insertion systems and support EBIF interactive applications for direct response and electronic fulfillment.

CCMS-compatible traffic and billing systems such as OpenTV’s EclipsePlus® can be interfaced with the TelVue HyperCaster; supporting as-run logs and missing media notifications. This integration allows campaign management, geo-targeting and yield optimization to be applied to all of your longform programming. The system can easily support regional or centralized multi-headend configurations; streamlining traffic and billing management and content ingest workflows.

For additional flexibility and scalability, the HyperCaster can be integrated with the TelVue ProVue IP Broadcast Decoder, which converts MPEG-2 transport streams into  broadcast-quality SD/HD-SDI video for SDI integration, processing, and broadcast. The ProVue gives you ability to scale beyond the integrated HyperCaster decoding options for baseband applications requiring a greater number of channels.

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