TelVue® PEG.TV™ on Roku®

PEG.TV: See what’s happening in your town. From anywhere.

TelVue’s PEG.TV Channel on Roku offers free, quality community programming from hyperlocal TV stations across the country. With sports, meetings, news, concerts, events, and a wide range of unique programming, PEG.TV is the best way for communities to stay connected.

Let TelVue put your PEG on Roku

TelVue’s PEG.TV is a Community TV Channel on Roku, the most open Internet-connected Over-the-Top (OTT) TV device on the market today. Roku streams television programs to millions of viewers, and offers new opportunities for PEG stations to deliver programming directly to any television with a Roku box and an Internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Roku HD Box

Roku HD Box

TelVue’s PEG.TV Channel can be used to deliver either Live or VOD streams, in either SD or HD formats, depending on the originator.

How to get your station on PEG.TV

Each Community TV station that participates in the TelVue® CloudCast™ streaming service is automatically included in the PEG.TV Community TV Channel, which can be accessed from the public Roku Channel Store.

To add your station to the PEG.TV Community TV Channel, sign up for TelVue CloudCast, and enjoy the many other benefits of moving your workflow into the TelVue Cloud. TelVue CloudCast helps you stream your programs to large-screen TVs and computers, as well as iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Reach your audience wherever they are, on whatever device they use to watch TV.

Roku HD Box

Roku Channel Store

How to watch PEG.TV

Watching Internet-delivered TV on a set-top box is simple:
  • Connect a Roku box to your TV’s HDMI port
  • Sign up for a Roku account online
  • Browse the Roku Channel Store for programming that interests you. PEG.TV is listed under the “Special Interest” category toward the bottom of the channel store page
  • Navigate over to PEG.TV, select it, and “add to your channel”
  • Within PEG.TV you will see the full listing of available community channels, which can be browsed by “public”, “educational”, or “government”, or be searched by state
Sign up for the TelVue CloudCast service  and expand your audience with PEG.TV. Contact TelVue to learn more about TelVue PEG.TV and TelVue CloudCast
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If you're looking for the TelVue online VOD and streaming service -- which was formerly known as PEG.TV -- please see TelVue CloudCast.

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A Few Kind Words

"I have been showing off my station to everyone that has a box currently. We have a lot of HD programing on your PEG.TV player and it looks amazing on Roku on a large TV."

Jesse Patterson, HomeTowne TV