TelVue® Connect™


A powerful, cloud-based Broadcast CMS that can do ALL THIS from a single sign-on:

  • Multi-user contribution with drag-and-drop uploads, moderation
  • Automatic transcoding for broadcast and web streaming
  • Web-based content management for metadata, scheduling, series, and playlists
  • Smooth video streaming to large screens, tablets and phones with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)
  • Auto-distribution to an integrated TelVue broadcast server
  • Responsive, embeddable, customizable video player with social media hooks

Manage Content from any Browser

ConnectMediaLibraryTelVue Connect is a versatile video content management system for professional broadcasters.

Uploads are browser-based and resumable. Videos are transcoded in the cloud to pre-determined video formats and the aspect ratio can be reformatted if needed. Content and metadata may be previewed in the user interface. Videos may be scheduled, organized into playlists, and auto-distributed directly to a TelVue broadcast server or TelVue CloudCast player.

TelVue Connect eliminates the need for dedicated ingest and encoding equipment at your facility for contributors, saving your staff and your contributors significant time. The integrated cloud transcoding functionality makes sure all content you receive is the proper format for broadcast or streaming. TelVue Connect takes Community Generated Content and Channel Management to the next level, and to the cloud.

Auto-Distribute to a TelVue HyperCaster®


Set up your TelVue Connect account to distribute videos, metadata, and scheduling information directly to your TelVue HyperCaster Broadcast Server. Once connected, your content will show up in the broadcast server properly transcoded and formatted. TelVue Connect distributes the Series management and scheduling workload saving your staff additional time, without taking away programming oversight. Your programming team assigns Series and Timeslot rules to your contributors, and they upload and manage new episodes into their assigned slots.

CloudCast for Live & VOD Streaming

ConnectCloudCastUIBy adding the TelVue CloudCast video streaming option, you can reach even more audiences.  The same videos that were uploaded for broadcast may be pushed to the CloudCast streaming platform for playout over the Internet to PCs, tablets, smartphones, and – if desired – to OTT services like Roku.

It’s easy to generate playlists for VOD presentation; you get many options to customize and embed your player and videos on the web; banner ad management; access to TelVue’s CDN, and automatic ABR transcoding for smooth delivery to multiple viewing devices.

The CloudCast Streaming Add-on in TelVue Connect offers all the functionalities of TelVue’s long-established CloudCast streaming service, plus the convenience of multi-user access, automatic transcoding, and ABR.

Find New Programs in the Media Exchange


TelVue Connect is also your gateway to the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, a cloud-based program-sharing platform that simplifies program syndication and exchange.  Syndicators upload programs to the Media Exchange. Affiliates browse and download those programs, already transcoded to your broadcast standards.

Produce Stunning Videos

Video Producer Theme Library

TelVue Connect comes with an integrated Video Producer option, which gives you and your contributors a quick and easy way to make beautifully-produced video spots to add to your programming lineup – ideal for local ads, promos, and announcements.


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Media Exchange

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