TelVue® Connect™ Media Exchange

The Easiest Way to Share and Syndicate Programs

  • Accepts most video formats that are commonly used today

  • Upload, Preview, and Download through any browser and standard Internet connection

  • Automatically transcodes programs to match your required format specs, with audio normalization



The TelVue Connect Media Exchange is the best way for program producers to syndicate their videos to an informal network of television stations.  Syndicators upload programs through a drag-and-drop browser interface, over any Internet connection, and specify a user license agreement.


Affiliate stations browse the Media Exchange for programs they might want to license, and then download these for re-broadcast.  Programs  will be automatically transcoded to the specific broadcast-quality standards of each affiliate.  For example, a program that was syndicated in native HD will be made available in an SD version to any affiliate that requires it. The same goes for MPEG-2 vs. H.264.


For more complete instructions on how to use the TelVue Connect Media Exchange,
refer to the User Manual.

The Media Exchange demonstrates TelVue’s continuing support of the kind of public media championed by the public, educational, and government access stations that TelVue has served for decades.  TelVue is proud to be in a position to provide a virtual library for the exchange of ideas and programs among community broadcasters.

Sign up now for access to fully-transcoded versions of free content like “Democracy Now!”, science videos from the National Science Foundation, and more — and be part of the growth of the TelVue Connect Media Exchange library.


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