TelVue® Connect™ Video Producer

Create Beautiful Animated Video Spots

  • EASY:  Intuitive interface means you can construct short, lively video announcements – with no video editing experience!

  • CUSTOMIZABLE:  Add your own text, images and video clips

  • LIVELY:  Choose from a large selection of stunning animated templates and pre-licensed soundtracks

Video Producer is an optional add-on to the TelVue Connect service.  With it, you can produce slick videos from a long list of animated templates.  Choose a style, choose a song from the library of rights-cleared music, then all you have to do is add your own images, video clips, and text.  Preview it in the interface, and if you’re happy with the results, you Finalize the video, and it goes straight to your broadcast media library in TelVue Connect, ready for scheduling.

For instructions on how to use Video Producer, see the TelVue Connect User Manual.

To activate Video Producer in your TelVue Connect account, please contact

Some examples of what you can make with Video Producer:

“Video Producer’s “Watercolor Seashore” template is just the kind of colorful theme that can create an engaging background into which you embed your own photos, video clips, and text to create promos – like this one for Video Producer.
Video Producer can create attractive video ads for local businesses. With TelVue Connect they can log in, create their own customized messages, and save these directly to your media library.
Video Producer makes it easy for your community to make attractive public announcements to promote their events, messages, and contact information.
“I Love NY”, one of Video Producer’s most original templates, is a good demonstration of the inventiveness of Video Producer animations. Watch how the messages get embedded in these city scenes.


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