TelVue® Turbo™

Single Click Online Publishing For TelVue Princeton® Digital Broadcasters

TelVue Turbo is a powerful digital video transcoding appliance that rapidly converts broadcast format MPEG-2 files in to web-friendly H.264 files and transfers them directly to existing TelVue® CloudCast™ accounts along with metadata and categories. The TelVue Turbo is a highly scalable system where one unit can support multiple TelVue Princeton Digital Broadcasters or multiple TelVue Turbo units can be stacked to create a high throughput transcoder farm.

The TelVue Turbo is based upon a powerful quad core processor and will ‘turbo charge’ the performance of existing TelVue installations by enhancing performance and extending workflow functionality. The streamlined integration of the TelVue Turbo enables single click workflow benefits; accelerating the process of video transcoding and transferring files between the video server and TelVue CloudCast internet video on demand service.


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