Query String Parameters

You can alter the behavior of the TelVue® CloudCast™ player by passing some query string parameters to the player. These can be passed in the embed code used to embed the player in an iframe, or can be used when linking to the player via URL.

TelVue® CloudCast™ Full Player Via Subdomain

You can access the full TelVue® CloudCast™ player via your TelVue® CloudCast™ username, or via your assigned subdomain name. For example, the two following URLs point to the same player, the TelVue® CloudCast™ example player:


These two methods of referencing your player are interchangeable, and either one can be used along with the further options detailed below.

Mini-UI Mode

The player can be put in a lite-UI mode by appending &mini=1 to its URL, for example:

When embedding the video in an iframe, the mini video player will take up the full size of the iframe. Video aspect ratio will be maintained.

Play Individual Videos

To play single videos in the Mini-GUI player or full player, pass it an additional video parameter containing the ID of the video in the TelVue® CloudCast™ system (this example is for the Mini-GUI player):

To determine the Video ID of any of your videos, click the thumbnail image for any video to open its Details page. A usable URL for both the full player and the Mini-GUI player is included on each detail page, you can copy and paste that url and use it as-is.

Start With A Category Queued

You can start with a specific category (playlist) ready-to-play. To do so, pass the category parameter containing the name of the category you want to start queued up to. You can see the category name in your player (under categories), or in the CMS user interface, on the Content tab, as the Playlist name. Note the name must be URL encoded.

Here is an example that queues a playlist on the TelVue® CloudCast™ player:

Show Only One Category

You can pass a further parameter along with the category parameter to display only that category and no others (in the full player). This parameter is single_category=1. Thus, a url to show only the Events category in the example above would be:

So, if you have multiple categories defined in the CMS, the web player will not allow the user to select any of the other ones.


Videos can be set to play automatically when the webpage loads. Pass the parameter autoplay and set it to “true”. If this parameter is passed in to the full player, the first video of the first playlist/category will be played. More commonly used, it can be passed in to the mini player as well. example:

Embedding in Your Site

Any of these same options can be used when using the embed code, so you can embed the reduced-UI player or single videos into your site. Go to your player’s configuration page (Config tab > TelVue® CloudCast™ Player Setup). Copy and paste the Embed Code into your site’s HTML page, and adjust the src, width, and height attributes accordingly. The example below shows a Mini-GUI player, queued up to a specific video, embedded in an iframe sized to the same size as the Mini-GUI player.