Get Content Thumbnail (REST)


The REST Web Service, located at /thumbnails, returns a thumbnail image for a file. You can save the thumbnail image for use elsewhere, or access it in other systems programmatically.

Request URL

From your browser, call the REST Web Service in the format:



Parameter Type Required Max Length Description
id Integer Y 8 The Content ID of the content file on the server. In the above example URL, 1234 is the ID.

The ID parameter can be determined by looking at URL paths in the web application. For example, the following URL from the content details page shows a Program ID of 1234:


Also, you can use the Get Content Metadata by Filename REST service to find the content ID, if needed.



The thumbnail for the content is displayed.

Video Thumbnail

You may right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) to save the thumbnail image to your hard drive.


HTTP Code Response String Description
200 File not found. Content file for the ID you passed was not found in your system.