Import Content (Hot Folder)

Use the import/media hot folder to add media files directly to the server and content database instead of having to click Import in the UI. Successfully imported files are moved to the root media folder. If you previously added a TBD placeholder for a file, the file will attach when you move it into import/media. The only sub-folder is a “failed” folder (directory) where files that fail to import are moved.

  1. On a PC or Mac connected to your TelVue Princeton™ server’s network, navigate to the /import/media folder.
  2. Make sure your MPEG file has a valid filename. Acceptable characters are:
    • Upper- and lower-case letters
    • Numbers
    • Underscore (_), space ( ), parentheses [( )], pound sign (#), and period (.)
    • If you previously added a TBD for this content, make sure the filenames match.
  3. Open a new window and show the contents of the drive where your MPEG file is. Find the MPEG file.
  4. Drag the MPEG file onto the /import/media folder.Screenshot: Media Upload on PC
    Screenshot: Media Upload on Mac

    Transfer time depends on the size of the file and the network speed.

  5. Refresh the Content screen on the Digital Broadcaster UI and look for the file. When the MPEG file has been successfully imported, the /import/media folder will be empty and an icon with the filename will appear on the Content page. If you had a TBD placeholder for the file and the filenames match, the imported file will attach. If the import failed, the file or a fragment will appear in /import/failed.