AHC52PlaylistMenu playlist is a list of content that can be scheduled as continuity to play in a looping sequence rather than playing just a single content file as continuity.

Playlists cannot be scheduled as programming; they can be used only for continuity. Access the Playlist feature from the pulldown under the Content tab.

Playlist management is accessed from the Playlist link under the Content tab.

Click on the Playlists link to get to the Playlist Listing page:


Playlist Actions

From this table, you can access several playlist actions:

  • To edit the metadata in a playlist, click on the name of the playlist, or on the Edit icon HC52PlaylistEditIcon in the Actions column. It will take you to the Edit Playlist page
  • To delete the playlist, click on the delete icon HC52PlaylistDeleteIcon
  • To list the items that make up this playlist, click on the Items icon HC52PlaylistItemIcon
  • The copy icon will copy the selected playlist HC52PlaylistCopyIcon

To create a new playlist, click the HC52addIconicon.  A blank Playlist Metadata screen is displayed.

Edit Playlist Metadata


  • Name your playlist
  • Describe it
  • Private? – If you want this playlist’s contents to be invisible to other users, check this box.  Private playlists will not even be displayed in the content window for users who do not own them; they will be invisible.  However, users with Admin privileges can see all private playlists, even those they do not own.
  • Categories – Select one or more content categories from the list.
  • You can access the list of Playlist Items from the link here, or alternately from the playlist items icon HC52PlaylistItemIcon in the Actions column of the previous (Playlist listing) page.

Manage the Playlist

Videos can be added, removed, and re-ordered from the Playlist Items page.

HC52PlaylistItemsUse the Search features to find thumbnails. Drag and drop the thumbnails from the Search Results column on the left of the screen to the playlist area.

To change the order of items in the playlist, drag the item’s icon to the place where you want it or change its number in the box to the right of the icon. To delete an item from the playlist, click its trash icon.  When you have finished, click the Save Changes button.

Important: Your playlist changes will only be saved if you click the Save Changes button after making changes.

Manage the Items

To the right of each Playlist Item listed are the Edit Item and Delete Item icons. HC52PlaylistEditDelete

Click on the Edit Item icon to see the duration, offset, and content detail for all items in the playlist.


You can change the duration of this image in this playlist by entering a new duration in hours, minutes, and seconds. When you have finished, click on Save, or click Cancel to return to the Playlist Items page.

 Randomize a Playlist

(From HC v5.5+) A randomized playlist will play out in order the first time, then randomize all subsequent playouts within the playout event.

To randomize a playlist, go to Config –> Channels –> Edit Channel. From the Continuity panel, choose a playlist. You will be shown the checkbox to randomize that playlist.